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    Brown Dog Tick  (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) Facts *Are not life threatening but can develop into an irritating skin condition when in large numbers  *The tick embeds its mouthparts into the skin and feeds on blood and lymph, until its engorged *Blood loss can cause anaemia, and dogs can become listless *Ticks are excellent survivors, they lay large numbers of eggs and each stage can survive several months without feeding  Are you looking for a company to provide pest control, Sydney, in an efficient, effective and professional manner? Do you live in the Sydney area? Go no further than Genera Pest Management! With a reputation as one of Sydney’s premier pest control companies which we have built upon our commitment to customer satisfaction, our friendly staff are fully prepared to provide any services that you need, whether you need a Sydney pest inspection or solutions for pest management, Sydney!

    Our processes and products are safe and eco-friendly and as such are appropriate for implementation anywhere you need them, whether that be in the home, the workplace or a construction site!

    Domestic Services

    Pest infestations in the home can pose a wide variety of problems, which can range from inconvenient to outright dangerous. Depending on the pests involved, residents of an infested home may face structural damage to the home, consumption of their clothing and carpets, contamination of their food and drink and even personal injury through stings and bites.

    spider-02Any infestation should be dealt with as swiftly as possible to ensure the safety of residents. For domestic pest control, Sydney, which can provide just that, Genera Pest Management should be your choice! Whether you need ant pest control, Sydney, termite management, Sydney or even bird control, Sydney, we have the equipment and the expertise to handle it! If you need Sydney residential pest control to help handle all of your needs, make sure to contact us at Genera Pest Management!

    Commercial and Industrial Services

    In the workplace, pests can be just as much of a problem as they are in the home. Not only do they contribute to the creation of a work environment that is unsafe, unsanitary and unsatisfactory, but they can compromise productivity through their disruption of your everyday workplace routines. Even calling in pest control can be an issue as it can cause even more disruption. With Genera Pest Management, however, this is no longer an issue! We strive to work together with you, our client, to tailor our services to the particular circumstances of your workplace, minimising fuss whilst maximising effectiveness! For commercial pest control, Sydney, or industrial pest control, Sydney, which will quickly get your workplace back on track, contact us at Genera Pest Management!

    Pre & Post Construction Services

    snake-03If you are planning on commencing a new building project, whether it be the construction of a new building or the renovation of an old one, it is important to ensure that you will not experience any issues with termites. Due to their preferred diet of wooden and plastic products, termites can damage your building materials and potentially sabotage your project before it begins! To protect your or your client’s investment, we at Genera Pest Management can provide a termite pest inspection, Sydney, alongside solutions for termite treatment, Sydney, such as the erection of chemical and physical barriers. For Sydney termite control that can defend your property, contact us now!

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