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    Bees in Australia

    There are over 1,500 native species of bee in Australia and they are found in great numbers all over Australia.

    Although not as aggressive as their close counterparts, wasps, the vast majority of bee species still carry a painful sting.

    Most bee species tend to be less aggressive than wasps due to the nature of their sting; that is, they can sting only once, which brings about the death of the bee due to the stinger being removed from the body, leaving a fatal wound.

    However, although they are less dangerous than wasps, the presence of unmanaged beehives can still provide an inconvenience and potential danger for households and workplaces. If you need bee removal, Sydney, or bee control, Sydney, then Genera Pest Management is the company for you!

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    Characteristics of bees

    Bees have a number of characteristics that set them apart from wasps and as such will help you to identify them.

    Bees are shorter and smaller than wasps, and have a diet that consists primarily of pollen, rather than rotten food and other insects, the preferred food of wasps.

    Also, bees bodies are surrounded by a fuzzy coat of black and white stripes, whereas wasps have their stripes directly visible on their bodies. Although wasps and bees look somewhat similar, wasps can be far more dangerous. You can find information on wasp removal here.

    Genera Pest Management

    Possible health risks and
    inconveniences from bees

    Although less aggressive than wasps, bees can still be a danger around the home or workplace. Bees are very territorial, and will protect their hives if they feel endangered. If a beehive is built in or around your home or workplace, moving around as normal could provoke a painful attack. Bee stings cause painful welts and can result in more severe issues, such as nausea and vomiting. For those allergic to bee stings, stings could potentially be fatal; as such, if an infestation is discovered, it is best dealt with quickly, in case a visitor or family member has an allergy.

    Furthermore, there are species of bee officially regarded as dangerous pests. For example, the Asian honey bee is an introduced species that robs the hives of native bees, destroying their honey reserves and preventing them from sustaining themselves. These bees prefer warm environments and will build hives near human structures. Such bees, if identified, should be dealt with swiftly to ensure minimum environmental impact.

    Genera Pest Management

    Signs on infestation

    It is fairly easy to identify an infestation of bees; an increase of bee sightings in your area or simply finding a beehive are both straightforward signs of the presence of a large number of bees.

    Need expert help with bees?

    Whatever your situation with bees in the home or workplace, that situation will not be improved by the introduction of yet more bees. To ensure that your home or workplace is safe from the dangers of bees, enlist the professional and efficient services that we at Genera Pest Management can provide. We are fully accredited and have the right equipment to handle your bee problems, and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! For the best in bee control, Sydney, and bee removal, Sydney, make sure to call us on 02 9546 7022, or contact us through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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