Termites are a tremendous problem in modern Australia, causing millions of dollars worth of damage to both new and old homes, threatening all types of wooden constructions, and making new projects more costly.

At Genera Pest Management, we are dedicated to providing you with a full suite of termite management services, which includes protecting your buildings prior to their construction with the high quality anti-termite products offered by FMC HomeGuard.

We are fully qualified to prepare building sites for the use of these insect-repelling technologies, and to install them in such a way as to assist with the long term safety of the structure and to meet government regulations. FMC’s HomeGuard products are among the most thorough, long-lasting and effective of the termite control measures that can be used on a new construction site.

HomeGuard Sheet is a complete under slab, perimeter barrier which will deny these social cockroach-relatives access to your home. Most termite species invade a house from some distance away, approaching the tempting wood that they wish to consume through tunnels under the soil, or shelter tubes running along the surface. HomeGuard Sheet will prevent unseen intrusions by these persistent pests, blocking them completely and meeting government (and home owners’) standards for keeping a new building intact for decades.

HomeGuard is a powerful tool for combating the wood-seeking aggression of nearby termite nests, but it needs to be properly installed in order to be effective. Genera Pest Management offers you the expertise needed to ensure that your structure will be protected to the full extent that this excellent product offers. We will begin with a site inspection which will track down any existing nests of termites and manage them, as is necessary for proper functioning of HomeGuard products.

We will make certain that the HomeGuard Sheet lies flush against the concrete slab, that pipes are properly collared to keep termites from slipping in next to them, and that the whole system is set up to provide maximum defence, keeping the new building pristine for many years to come. In accordance with HomeGuard specifications, we can handle the special installation measures needed in garage areas, with suspended floors, at the junction between walls and adjacent paths, and so on.

Once FMC HomeGuard is in place on the new building site, you can proceed with confidence as you erect the wooden structure. We can also handle the follow-up care needed to keep the system functioning properly for the warranted period of 25 years, ensuring your freedom from the oppression of termites both at the present time and during a long portion of the future, too.

All of our installations of this system are in accordance with Australian government standards, and we will, of course, provide the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with the building codes.

Your assurance of the long-lasting protection and safety that the FMC HomeGuard products we at Genera Pest Management will install at your construction site is underlined by the warranty that FMC offers. When you have a full HomeGuard installation built into your wooden structure’s site, you also gain warranted coverage of $1 million against termite damage – for the next 25 years. HomeGuard will keep your timbers safe from insects for nearly a generation – guaranteed!

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