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    Local Pest Control Company Servicing Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and
    the Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

    Genera Pest Management is one of the premier pest control companies in the greater metropolitan area, offering you all kinds of pest management services – from rats to termites, cockroaches to birds. We aim to restore the usability of your house, apartment or business. We endeavour to control unwanted pests which may increase health and safety risks, or afflict you with bites and stings.

    We are passionate about innovation and the ongoing development of our own people, ensuring we provide the most current, safest and environmentally conscious services to keep our customers premises clean and pest free.

    Explore Our Pest Control Services In Sydney

    Our Success is measured by the satisfaction and loyalty of our clients

    Genera Pest Management

    Domestic Pest Control Sydney

    The home is one of the most crucial locations in the neighbourhood for pest control in Sydney. Insects, spiders, rodents, and other vermin can harm the health of your family and lower your quality of life. We specialise in controlling these pests for you.

    Genera Pest Management

    Commercial & Industrial Pest Control Sydney

    Genera Pest Management’s professionals ensure that your workplace pest problems are managed in a thorough, timely manner, increasing workplace safety, preventing damage to goods and raw materials and improving productivity.

    Genera Pest Management

    Pre & Post Construction Pest Control Sydney

    Australian standards require termite treatment and other pest control management services in Sydney, Australia.
    Genera Pest Management can administer high quality treatments for these insects, fully documented in compliance with AS3660.2.

    Genera Pest Management

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our company, Genera Pest Management, offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to assure you of the quality and
    effectiveness of our services. Our pledge to you is that if we are unable to deal with the pests that are infesting your
    house or property within the time and cost framework we agreed to, we will continue to work until your pest
    problem has been completely solved.

    About Pests: Did you know?

    Termites and cockroaches – two of Australia’s most notorious pests – may in fact be different descendents of the same insect. Termites seem to have evolved directly from cockroaches, an evolution which was perhaps brought about by one of the more unpleasant habits of roaches: that of eating their own faeces. This might have allowed termite ancestors to maintain colonies of wood-digesting bacteria in their guts, allowing them to create their complex, cellulose-eating societies. The roaches in your kitchen and the termites in your walls may be very close relatives despite their differences in form and habits.

    Things to Consider About Pest Control In Sydney NSW

    As you can see, there are a range of pest infestations that can affect residences, restaurants, shops, retail outlets, offices, companies and factory spaces. This makes it crucial that you find a professional company to handle Sydney Pest Control for you. If you look online, you will find hundreds of companies listed and it can be extremely confusing to decide which one will be able to provide the best service. Here are some pointers that will help you choose the right company:


    Choose a local pest control company in your area.
    That will ensure they can provide prompt and timely services Sydney NSW

    Experience & Reputation

    This is an important factor as only a proven,
    pest control company will be worried about
    maintaining its reputation and will ensure you get
    the kind of services you need in Sydney

    Timely Services

    In many cases, individuals and companies as well as
    retail establishments in Sydney opt for annual contracts. The operator you choose should be able to provide you these in a timely manner

    Range of Services

    Not all companies are able to treat different types of
    pest infestations. Some companies in Sydney may specialise only in bed bug control while others may have expertise in tackling termites. Its best to opt for an all-service Pest Control in Sydney company as you will find it more convenient to deal with a single operator rather than multiple ones. Genera Pest Management is the best pest control company in Sydney


    The company you hire should use environment friendly
    pesticides. Safety is all important in pest control


    A good pest control company in Sydney will always provide guarantees for its work. In case the pest infestation does not go away, they will provide follow-up services as required


    Though pests everywhere are very similar to each other, the situations and settings in which they breed and the severity of the infestation can vary in Sydney NSW. You should choose a company that will customise services for you


    This is another major factor. Some companies charge exorbitant rates for Sydney Pest control (whether those high costs are justified or not). Opt for a company that is known to provide high grade Pest Control in Sydney at cost-effective price points

    Genera Pest

    Servicing Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains
    and the Central Coast

    Genera Pest Management

    Genera Pest Management Services
    Best Sydney Pest Control Company NSW

    Pests can create havoc in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. These infestations are very similar with reference to how they breed and spread and the kind of damage that they can do- however the repercussions are different in each setting. In Sydney residences, pests can cause damage, spread diseases and in many cases, also have an emotional impact on the people who live there. In commercial and industrial spaces around Sydney, they cause damage and can spread diseases; but the  added impact is that they can cause extensive financial losses and impact the reputation of a commercial establishment too.

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Termite Inspections and Control Sydney

    Termite Treatment Control Sydney: Termites in Sydney are the only social, organised insects that do not belong to the order Hymenoptera, which includes bees, wasps, and ants…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Ant Control Sydney

    Ants are one of the most common insects on Earth, to the extent that some South American legends stated that the soil itself was made out of red ants…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Flea Control Sydney

    One of the most persistent bloodsuckers which has accompanied humanity through history is the flea, a hopping menace which can leap up to twenty centimetres…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Mice Control Sydney

    Despite their somewhat charming appearance and their popularity as sympathetic cartoon characters, mice are highly destructive little pests without whom your house…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Spiders Control Sydney

    Equipped with eight legs and eight eyes, swift-moving and often keen of vision, spiders are pests which are found in houses all around the world…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Birds Control Sydney NSW

    People generally like having birds around their homes, but when large numbers of these feathered beings take up residence, or build their nests on parts of your house..

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Cockroaches Control Sydney

    The cockroach is a familiar pest around the world, and has almost no redeeming features. Ugly, foul-smelling and prone to dirty habits, the cockroach is an ancient…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Bedbugs Control Sydney

    Bedbugs are a blood-sucking species of insects with a brown, penny-like body and six crooked legs, as well as two long feelers marking the head…

    Genera Pest Management
    Genera Pest Management

    Rats Control Sydney

    Rats and mice have had a major impact on human history thanks to their spread of disease and attacks on stored food supplies, as well is in more exotic ways..

    Excellent Sydney Pest Control Near You

    Genera Pest Management has years of experience and is a reputed company in Sydney that provides all-round pest control and can tackle every kind of pest infestation in an expert manner. High quality, customised and guaranteed services is what you get when you choose our company for pest control in Sydney, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and the Central Coast.

    For more information call genera pest management in Sydney on 1300 149 549. You can also connect with is via this form.


    1300 149 549

    Pest Prevention is Important

    Regardless of which space pests are found in, it becomes important to call in an expert pest control company like Genera Pest Management in Sydney to tackle the job. It’s not just unclean spaces that get affected by pests; the most hygienic homes and commercial establishments can have pests too. Over the years, we have built extremely strong reputation in commercial pest control, industrial pest control and residential pest control. Customers in Sydney prefer our complete pest control services. We provide local pest control for:

    Bed Bugs

    Rodents & Mice


    Carpet Beetles

    German Cockroaches

    Flies & Bird Mites

    Wasps & Spiders

    Moths & Maggots

    Funnel Ants &
    Black & Red Ants

    Mosquitoes, Midges
    & Bees

    Feral Pigeons &
    Other Birds

    Termites & Silverfish
    & Other Pests

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