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    Snakes in Australia

    Snake Control SydneyAnyone who lives or has lived in Australia is aware of our reputation for snakes. Australia hosts many of the world’s most dangerous snakes, and although these serpentine creatures live in greater numbers in the bush areas of the country, they can sometimes make their way into urban environments such as cities. Sydney, for example, is and has been known to be home to a number of dangerous snakes, such as the red-bellied black snake.

    Snakes in or around the home could put you or your family at risk, so if you need snake control, Sydney, or snake removal, Sydney, it is best to call in professionals like Nationwide Pest Control to ensure any invasive serpents are dealt with swiftly and safely.

    Characteristics of snakes

    Snake Removal SydneySnakes are most easily identifiable due to their lack of legs, but there are other traits that characterise a creature as a snake. First of these is their forked tongues, which are used to ‘taste’ the air for particular scents, important for snakes that primarily track prey by smell. Furthermore, snakes do not have eyelids or ears, and also shed their skins at certain intervals.

    Individual snake species are most easily identified by their colourations; for example, the red-bellied black snake is black, with a red belly.

    As far as aggression goes, snakes do not normally attack humans without provocation, and most snakes are non-venomous, meaning that their bite will cause little lasting damage.
    Snakes are all carnivorous, and will feast on small animals or insects.

    Possible health risks and inconveniences of snakes

    As aforementioned, non-venomous snakes will not bite unless threatened, and will do little damage to an adult. However, there are a number of venomous snakes that live in and around the Sydney area, and it is these that must be watched out for. A snakebite from a venomous snake can be potentially fatal or result in a variety of other issues depending on the snake. Snakes usually only bite in self-defence, but this could be triggered by accidentally stumbling onto one.

    Children and pets are even more at risk, as they can often approach without understanding the danger. Any instance of possible venomous snake bite should be treated immediately at a hospital.

    Even non-venomous snakes can be a danger through their bites, and can be inconvenient by preventing access to some areas of the home, or attacking pets.

    Snake Control & Removal ServicesSigns of infestation

    Snakes can be fairly easily spotted and identified due to their size and defining characteristics, but outside of that, the presence of a snake or snakes can be denoted by finding shed skins in or around the home.

    Need expert help with snakes?

    Snakes can be extremely dangerous, so even non-venomous species of snake should be handled by professionals. For snake control, Sydney, or snake removal, Sydney, we at Nationwide Pest Control have the expertise needed to handle the problem safely and effectively to prevent danger to you or your family. To find out more or enlist our services, call us on 02 9546 7022, or contact us via our website!

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