Although it might seem that a termite problem can only be fully prevented before the building is actually completed – with termite barriers and possibly reticulation systems constructed before the slab is even poured – it is also possible to deal effectively with these insidious “white ants” long after the actual construction of a structure has been finished.

The Eflex system offered by FMC are a straightforward, effective pairing that first deals with any termites that are present in a building, then seals that building against further incursions. Genera Pest Management makes good use of these products to manage any termite problems that your location might be having, applying them in a way that ensures full compliance with the company’s directives. As a FMC Eflex Accredited Operator, Genera Pest Management is are able to offer FMC’s 1 million dollar warranty. The warranty is valid for the next 10 years.*

As part of the process, we will first inspect the premises for signs of termites. These small, non-aggressive insects are often difficult to spot, but our professionals are well trained in locating all the signs of an infestation and will be sure to find the pests if they are present. If termites are indeed infesting your building, we will then make use of FMC Excel baits as appropriate. These baits affect the termites’ ability to moult, and are contained in a highly tempting cellulose food mixture that the termites will eat and carry back to the nest.

The termites will die in the nest and the others, in accordance with their instincts, will then eat their corpses, and thus also pick up the Excel poisons. The baits will be used for several months to ensure comprehensive, maximum management of the termite problem, and FMC’s Biflex barrier will then be installed for your building’s additional safety. The Biflex barrier will keep new termites from intruding on your property and devouring it, creating protection that will last for half a decade north of the Tropic of Capricorn, and a full decade to the south of it.

Using Genera Pest Management’s services with FMC’s Eflex products will ensure that they are applied properly, in full compliance with the company’s instructions – and that they will therefore come fully under the warranty. The warranty is only valid if the Eflex and Biflex products were used in a professional, thorough fashion, and we can provide you with the assurance that your million dollar, ten year warranty is fully active and registered.

We will fill out and turn in the Certificate of Treatment that will guarantee the system’s effectiveness against termite action for the next decade – and give you peace of mind about your home, commercial property, or other wooden building.

*Conditions apply. Refer to full terms and conditions for more information.