Termite baits are special poisons which take advantage of the social tendencies of these wood-consuming insects. Although bait could be designed that would kill the termites that ate it within moments, such a poison would be useless for termite control. What is needed is bait that will not affect the termites for some time, so that they can carry it back to their nest, where other termites can also be poisoned by it. At Genera Pest Management, we make use of the Sentricon termite baiting system to help give you the effective termite management that you need.

Although it might seem that practically anyone could buy and use the Sentricon termite baits, the truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of different termite species in Australia, with over a dozen major pest types among them. Placing baits for termites infesting a house requires a clear knowledge of exactly what species of termite is involved, both in terms of the exact product needed and the placement of the baits for best effect, depending on the foraging traits of the specific termite type.

Disgusting as it may sound, termites share both food and faeces, eating both in order to keep a good supply of cellulose-digesting bacteria present in all colony members. By eating each other’s food and faecal pellets, the termites ensure that all colony members are able to properly digest wood, and thus remain strong and fit enough to contribute to the colony’s survival as a whole.

Sentricon termite baits take advantage of this process, because after eating the baits, the termites will return to the nest and share both bits of baited food and poison-riddled faeces with their fellows. This poisons these termites in turn, and renders them capable of poisoning other termites through the same food sharing process, and so on. One group of termites feeding on Sentricon termite baits can have a domino effect on their home nest, possibly even wiping it out entirely, and certainly helping with the management process.

Our highly professional termite control specialists will determine where the termites are foraging (rather than areas where they are just traveling, and thus less interested in food). The poison-laced baits, consisting of extremely tempting types of cellulose, are placed in this area as our experience and observations suggest.

It will take some time for the positive effects of this system to become apparent, since the baits kill the termites by preventing them from moulting successfully – and it may be several weeks to several months before all the termites in the colony attempt to shed their skins. However, the fact that the chemical affects chitin, the exoskeletal compound of insects, makes it much safer to use around humans, their pets, and so on.

Use of Sentricon termite baiting system products is cleaner and less invasive than many other methods of controlling termites through chemicals. There is no need to drill holes in floors or foundations to introduce the chemical, since it is contained in its own small feeding station. Let us make use of Sentricon termite baits today, managing the station for you until your termite problem is completely under control.