Getting the Right Termite Control in Sydney

Termites or white ants are highly destructive pests and can cause widespread damage to wooden components in a structure. Since these creatures are tiny, live in dark and humid placed and bore through walls, detection is not easy. In most instances, the termite infestation is noticed very late in the day and a lot of damage has already occurred.

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Tell-Tale Signs

Across Sydney, almost 25% of structures have been infested with termites at one point or the other. It is crucial that property owners be aware of the tell-tale signs of termite infestations. The signs that you should look out for are:

  • Papery or Hollow-Sounding Wood
    The termites have hollowed-out the wood
  • Wall Skirting gets damaged with the Vacuum cleaner
    The vacuum pressure damages the architrave/skirting board/door jamb
  • Tight-Fitting Doors & Windows
    When termites eat right through the wood, the muddy deposits that their excrement creates becomes a heat and moisture-trap, which causes the timber to swell and become tight-fitting
  • Termite Mud
    You may notice muddy, tubular deposits on the wooden elements and walls in your home

Scheduled Inspections

The one way to stem the spread of these pests is to get Genera Pest Management to carry out termite control on your property. When we handle termite control in Sydney for you, your entire property will be thoroughly inspected on an annual basis and preventive termite control will be carried out. That is also one way of nipping the problem in the bud. The recommendation is that termite inspection be carried out at least once a year. In areas that are more prone to termite infestations, the inspection can be carried out at more frequent intervals.

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Benefits of Our Termite
Control in Sydney

Termites are extremely destructive in nature, and opting for termite control is the best way to avoid damage to property and monetary losses. Insurance companies do not generally cover termite losses and that is what makes our treatment invaluable. For the best termite control in Sydney, call Genera Pest Management on 1300 149 549 or contact us via this form.

Range of Treatments

Genera Pest Management uses a number of methods for termite control in Sydney. The one/s that we use will be based on the location of the termite colonies and the severity of the problem:

  • Physical Termite Barriers
    These are typically used during the pre-construction phase. The installation takes place in phases, while your home/office building is under construction
  • The Reticulation System
    We install a wide network of underground pipes; a termite control chemical is released into these pipes which then gets evenly distributed across the building. Precise application & reapplication of this chemical ensures that your house/ office building gets long-term protection against termites
  • Chemical Barriers
    We apply a liquid chemical in the soil, under concrete flooring as well as along the building’s perimeter. This application can be done during the pre and post-construction phases
  • Monitoring and Baiting
    Termite bait stations are placed across the building periphery and are very useful in detecting any kind of termite activity. Once these have been installed on your property, we carry out regular monitoring as part of our termite control in Sydney packages
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