Ferrel Cats in Australia

Feral Cats kill tens of millions of native animals every night and are found across Australia

There is no effective mechanism for eradicating cats at a landscape level

  • Feral Cats in Australia

    Feral Cats in Australia


    • Feral cats occur right around the continent in every habitat type including desert, forests and grasslands
    • Total population estimates vary from 5million to 18million feral cats
    • Each feral cat kills between 5-30 animals per day
    • Diet consists of small mammals but also consumes birds, reptiles and amphibians
    • Cats are believed to have been a factor in the extinction of the only mainland bird species to be lost since European settlement, the paradise parrot
    • Cats in Australia have no natural predators except dingoes and wedge tailed eagles and as a result they are apex predators where neither the dingo or eagle exist