Being soft-bodied insects which dry out easily in a warm climate, as well as being relatively non-aggressive and vulnerable to predators such as ants, many termite species prefer to do most of their work under the soil’s surface. They work in tunnels and galleries which lead from their nests to their most desired food: wood. These subtle habits also make it possible for termite to infest homes unseen and unnoticed, doing thousands of dollars of structural damage and making your building unsafe without your even realizing it.

Preemptive protection in the form of physical or chemical barriers is the best option for keeping these insidious pests at arm’s length, and your house undamaged; among these, reticulation systems are excellent for keeping termites away for long periods of time.

A reticulation system is a network of pipes buried in the ground around your building, which contain a termite-killing insecticide that is slowly released into the soil over a period of years. Since the chemicals are released beneath the soil, the human occupants of the building have little chance for accidental contact with them, making this a safer technique than periodically applying termiticide to the ground around your foundations.

One of the reticulation systems that Genera Pest Management can install either before or after the construction of a building is the ALTIS reticulation system. This system has been carefully designed to maximize its utility and effectiveness in your service. The pipes do not simply have holes that the insecticide leaks out of, as is the case with older or less well-designed reticulation systems. Instead, they are fitted with emitters which allow the chemical to seep slowly into the earth near your home.

The ALTIS emitter system has several advantages over ordinary holes in the pipes. Precise control of the amount of chemical delivered per unit of time is possible, meaning that no more than the minimum amount required to keep termites at bay will be leached into your soil. This lessens environmental and health impacts, and saves you money because less frequent refills are needed. The emitters also resist clogging by plant roots, stones, dirt, and other subterranean debris.

Alternatively, we can install the Camilleri Underslab reticulation system, which is designed to last half a century thanks to its simple, solid design. The longevity of the system is proven by the systems which were installed decades ago and which still function to this day. Each tough, flexible pipe is laid in a specially prepared trench under the slab, and is engineered to withstand the pressure of the concrete from above. A valve box allows injection of fresh insecticide at specified intervals to keep your protection fresh and up to date.

The Camilleri system is a good one for typical underslab protection jobs, while the ALTIS system, with its sophisticated emitters, is well-suited to unusual soil types such as clay, or particularly termite-prone areas. The professional termite control specialists at Genera Pest Management can both advise you on which system is most appropriate for your building project, and install the system in a highly professional way that meets both your need for excellence and the building laws you are attempting to be in compliance with. We can help you meet all of your reticulation system needs.