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    Cockroaches in Australia

    As far as household and workplace pests go, there are few with the level of notoriety that cockroaches have achieved. These small, brown and bad-smelling pests are never a good sign in any home, and with a reasonable reproduction rate and their general hardiness cockroaches can swiftly multiple in particular environments.

    They most often eat discarded or unsealed foods or organic materials, so in urban areas such as cities they are often not very far away. For any kind of cockroach control, Sydney, or cockroach removal, Sydney, that you need, we at Genera Pest Management are happy and prepared to assist you.

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    Characteristics of cockroaches

    Cockroaches are coloured brown, with broad, flattened and oval-shaped bodies. They also have two pairs of wings, the first pair of which are tough and protective. Most cockroaches are around the size of a person’s thumbnail, but there are some species that grow to be larger. A cockroach widely seen on the Australia East Coast is the Australian cockroach (originally from America, ironically). Likely the most well-known characteristic of any species of cockroach is their legendary hardiness.

    Cockroaches are more able to survive radiation than humans, can survive for several hours after being decapitated and can feed from a surprising variety of sources, including glue from postage stamps.

    However, they are not invincible. There are some species of cockroach that can survive for a month without food and go without air for up to 45 minutes, but only some. Cockroaches can be eliminated from a home, as long as the correct equipment and procedures are used.

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    Possible health risks and
    inconveniences from cockroaches

    Although cockroaches are not disease carriers, they can pose potentially severe health risks through contamination of the home environment.

    Cockroaches crawl everywhere, and carry bacteria from various unsavoury places within and without a house into kitchens and bathrooms.

    In particular, food that is not correctly sealed will likely be contaminated by cockroaches climbing over it and eating it, which can cause some serious stomach problems if ingested. Cockroaches also release bad-smelling chemical pheromones into the air when well-established, and these chemicals can rest on surfaces and objects, providing another avenue for sickness. These intrepid pests have also been linked to allergic reactions in certain persons, so if you spot cockroaches in the home it is bets to handle them quickly to reduce the risk of illness and allergic reactions for friends, family or pets.

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    Signs of infestation

    Beyond spotting a large number of cockroaches in a building, a clear sign of cockroach infestation is their characteristic foul smell, given off through chemical pheromones. If you have spotted cockroaches and find a terrible smell pervading your home, it is time to call in pest control.

    Need expert help with cockroaches?

    As aforementioned, unchecked colonies of cockroaches can cause illness and allergies and leave a foul smell in your home. If you find that you need professional and efficient cockroach control, Sydney, or cockroach removal, Sydney, then we at Genera Pest Management have the equipment and expertise to ensure that your infestation is swiftly and effectively dealt with in an environmentally friendly manner. To find out more our enlist our service call us on 02 9546 7022, or contact us via our website.

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