Just a few years ago, finding infestations of drywood termites was completely a matter of both skill and experience, and a healthy dose of luck as well. Drywood termites, including the extremely destructive West Indian drywood termite, can consume wood that contains very little moisture, as their name suggests.

This means that their colonies can live entirely inside the wall, ceiling, or floor of a building, with very little sign on the outside world that any insects are present. Using high tech detection devices such as the Termatrac T3, however, Genera Pest Management can ferret out the most subtle of nests with a high degree of accuracy, and prevent further damage from being inflicted on your property.

Our highly trained professionals can use this sophisticated device to locate otherwise undetectable nests of drywood termites lurking in the structure of your building. Although they stay inside their galleries most of the time, and only show their presence by pushing some sawdust-like droppings out of the “kickout holes” that they make to keep their tunnels clean, they are still functioning organic creatures and as such produce several different “emissions” that cannot be hidden from the electronic eyes of today’s scientific instruments.

The Termatrac T3 is one of the devices we will use to either relieve you of the anxiety that drywood termites might be consuming your building’s timbers from within (by showing that they aren’t present), or let us pinpoint an actual problem so that it can be properly managed for you. This triply effective, handheld sensor uses a trio of different probes to locate termites without needing to physically pierce the walls of the building (one of the earlier methods of finding drywood termites).

First of all, it uses a microwave signal tuned to a frequency that detects termite bodies to “look” through wood, cement, vinyl, linoleum, and so on to detect nests within the wood. Second, it can scan for hot spots in the walls caused by the warmth of termite colonies. Third, it can detect moisture, such as that emitted by an active nest of termites, at some distance.

With its many ways of finding the insidious insects regardless of the material behind which they are hiding, the Termatrac T3 is a powerful, lightweight and highly portable “termite scanner” straight out of a science fiction movie – whose abilities we are ready to put at your service when you engage Genera Pest Management to help reduce the risk of drywood termite problems in your home, warehouse, factory, or other wooden buildings.

We also make use of the FLIR E60bx, a highly sensitive heat sensor typically used for finding electrical problems, but which can also detect the warmth of a termite colony when in the hands of someone experienced in finding such insect nests. With these technologically advanced tools in hand, we are ready to find termites that you did not even suspect were lurking in your building, and control them before they can inflict large amounts of damage. Thanks to the Termatrac T3 and the FLIR E60bx, it is now possible to head off drywood termite infestations while they are still at a manageable size.