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Bird mites are a group of mite species which infest birds of various kinds, ranging from wild birds such as sparrows and ducks, to the familiar domestic fowl such as turkeys and chickens. The chicken mite, which resembles a tiny, glossy brown seed with legs, is one of the mite varieties that come in contact with humans most often, but you may encounter one of several types that are able to bite humans as well. Bird mite control professionals, such as Genera Pest Management, can manage these tiny but persistent pests effectively.

Bird mites ordinarily live on birds and their nests, scampering beneath a warm layer of feathers and biting the avian skin whenever they feel the need for a meal of fresh blood. However, birds do not stay in their nest forever; eventually, the nestlings fledge and fly away, and the mites left behind in the empty nest find themselves without a food supply.

Often, the mites just starve to death in the nest, but there are times when they successfully abandon it and enter a house, dining on the humans they find inside. Because of their tiny size, they are often hard to detect except through their bites. Bird mites are typically translucent, but turn a dark brick red or black when they have recently fed, as the blood shows through their outer skin.

Dealing with bird mites in your home

Bird mites are found mostly in moist spring or early summer weather, and are naturally most common when there are birds nearby. If you or a neighbour keeps poultry, or if there are birds’ nests on your house or in the shrubbery planted alongside it, then there is at least some risk that these vermin will find their way inside. Handling birds’ nests is also a possible way that you can bring these tiny bloodsuckers into your house.

You may not see the mites themselves when they are attacking you because they are tiny enough to resemble moving specks, but you will be left in no doubt about their presence when you experience their bites. Indeed, you will quickly come to understand why birds take dust-baths in an attempt to stifle these biting pests. A vicious rash results from their bites, and if your house is located in a dusty or exceptionally dirty area, there is a chance that your scratching might cause a secondary skin infection as well.

Bird mites do not transmit diseases that can attack humans, but are still a very annoying pest. Contact us to have our expert bird mite control technicians bring these pests under control for you, leaving you feeling more comfortable and more in control of your own home environment.