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    Wasps in Australia

    Wasp Removal SydneyOut of the many different species of wasp found around the world, only a few reside in Australia and are considered pests. However, wasp infestation can be a real threat to the safety of people around an infested home or workplace, due to their aggressive nature and painful stings.

    Wasps can build their papery nests in a many places around a home or business, such as in holes around gardens, pathways and lawns.

    They may also take up residence under the eaves of a house, garages or any other wall cavity. They respond aggressively to invasion; therefore, any wasp nests around the home should be dealt with professionally and efficiently to ensure the safety of any occupants.

    Characteristics of wasps

    Wasps can be hard to tell apart from bees, but there are some differing characteristics that can help you to identify them. Wasps tend to have longer and leaner bodies than bees, with their yellow and black stripes directly on their bodies. They also tend to feed more on other insects and rotten fruit, rather than the flowers preferred by bees. These characteristics may assist you in identifying whether or not you have a wasp or bee infestation. For information on handling bees, visit our information page, found here.

    Possible health risks and inconveniences from wasps

    The primary characteristic that sets wasps apart from their close cousins, bees, is the ability of an individual wasp to sting multiple times. This can make an encounter with an aggressive, solitary wasp a painful experience, let alone an angry nest.

    Wasps are known to attack those simply passing by their nest, meaning that it can make maintaining a home or workplace a difficult and dangerous experience, particularly those who may have an allergy to wasp stings.

    Wasps can be a real danger around the home, especially if that home contains children and pets. Both can be liable to approach a nest without recognizing the danger posed, and be seriously hurt as a result.
    Therefore, even a small nest of wasps can be inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst.

    Signs of infestation

    Noticing signs of wasp infestation is fairly straightforward; for example, increased presence of wasps in and around your home or place of work and the presence of nests are both strong indicators of wasp infestation. If you notice any of these signs of infestation, you can quickly eliminate the danger and inconvenience of their presence by enlisting the help of professional pest controllers.

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