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    Possums in Australia

    Possum Removal SydneyPossums are a familiar sight for all Australians, especially since these furry quadrupeds are native only to Australia and New Guinea, though they have also been introduced to New Zealand. Due to the destruction of many of their native habitats, possums have adapted to living and thriving in urban environments, and as such the sound of a possum running along the roof or making noises in the trees at night is familiar to many of those living in such environments, such as cities like Sydney. If you find that you require possum control, Sydney, or possum removal, Sydney, we at Nationwide Pest Control will provide any of the possum control services that you need!

    Characteristics of Possums

    Possum Control SydneyThere are around 70 different species of possum, with two that are extremely common in urban environments. These are the Brushtail possum and the Common Ringtail possum.

    A fully grown Brushtail is around the same size as a small cat, with a long, furry tail, large ears and fur coloured shades of silver.

    Brushtail possums tend to live individually, congregating for their mating season. Their diet consists primarily of plants and plant products, such as leaves, fruits and flowers.

    Common Ringtails live in family groups, making nests in hollowed tree limbs that are spherical in shape and lined with bark and grass. Like Brushtail possums, Common Ringtails eat plant materials, such as leaves, flowers, shoots and even nectars. Ringtails have a distinctive flexible tail with a white tip, which assists in climbing through its gripping ability.

    Possible health risks and inconveniences from possums

    Possums can cause many inconveniences around the home. They are active mainly at night and are not quiet; home inhabitants may be kept up at night by the sound of possums calling to one another, mating or running across the roof.

    They have also been known to live in chimneys, potentially making a mess within the house, and to raid compost bins, resulting in quite a mess in one’s yard.

    Possums may also contaminate areas of the house both inside and out through their droppings and urine, as well as through their paws, which may have been through your garbage. However, possums are not extremely dangerous, so we at Nationwide Pest Control provide humane possum removal from your property if their disruptions are too much.

    Possum Removal & ControlSigns of infestation

    The most obvious signs of increased presence of possums on your property are through the disruptions they provide; loud noises, droppings and disturbed bins.

    Need expert help with possums?

    Nationwide Pest Control strives to provide the most humane methods of possum control, Sydney, and possum removal, Sydney, through humane removal services as well as preventative measures to prevent possums from taking up residence in your home or on your property. Possums have been known to consistently revisit certain properties, so these measures are the safest and most effective ways to prevent further possum-based disruption. To find out more or enlist our services, call us on 02 9546 7022 or contact us via our website.

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