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    Flies in Australia

    Fly Control SydneyAn almost traditional characteristic of the classic Australian Summer is swatting away and repelling legions of flies. These irritating, buzzing pests come in a wide variety of species that each have differing diets and habits, but many can be found within and around the ordinary Australian home. They thrive in warmer environments, so cities such as Sydney that can become quit humid in the summer months provide an excellent feeding and breeding ground for them.If you are in need of fly control, Sydney, or fly removal, Sydney, then we at Genera Pest Management are qualified to meet all of your pest control needs!

    Characteristics of flies

    Flies come in a variety of species, each of which poses different irritations. The housefly is the most common, and these small, grey flies feed on any food they find, from ordinary food to pet food, to even food waste and faeces.

    There is also the horse fly, most commonly found near livestock, which deliver a painful bite to both animals and humans, and the bluebottle, which feeds on pet faeces and rubbish bin leavings, and as such carries a high risk of infection.

    Fly Removal SydneyTwo other species to watch out for are cluster flies, which gather in large numbers in undisturbed attics and crevices, and fruit flies, which feed on fruit both fresh and rotten, and can breed in rotten fruit and unclean drains.

    Possible health risks and inconveniences from flies

    The largest health risk posed by flies is their unsanitary nature. Due to the fact that many feast and land on unclean materials such as food waste and faeces, they can transport unsavoury and potentially harmful bacteria from these materials to you by landing on your surfaces, your face and your food.

    Biting flies such as the horse fly represent a different risk, as their bites can cause itching, inflammation and in rare cases, severe allergic reaction to their saliva.

    If you are noticing a sudden influx of flies in and around your home, it is best to handle this issue quickly and professionally to reduce risk of harm to you, your family and your friends.

    Fly Control & RemovalSigns of infestation

    Other than simply spotting large amounts of flies around the home, signs of fly infestation depend on the kind of fly. Noticing numerous painful bites on yourself or family members can indicate the presence of biting flies, and finding colonies of flies in your fruit bowl indicates a large presence of fruit flies. Another potential indicator is hearing loud buzzing sounds when you cannot see many flies, which can indicate the presence of a colony out of sight.

    Need expert help with flies?

    Handling fly infestations quickly will reduce any potential health risks, as well as help you enjoy your days more without their irritating presence. If you want fly control, Sydney, or fly removal, Sydney, completed in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner, we at Genera Pest Management have the equipment, experience and expertise to help. To find out more or enlist our services, call us on 02 9546 7022, or contact us via our website.

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