Possums In Australia

Possums are nocturnal

They search for food over rooftops, through treetops, and along power lines and fences – avoiding the ground where they risk dog attack or being hit by a car

Due to habitat loss they are increasingly moving into urban areas

Of the 23 possum species known in Australia, there are two most likely to be thumping across your roof or growling in the darkness at night which are the Common Ringtail Possum and the Common Brush-tail Possum

  • Brushtail Possum

    Brush-tail Possum
    (Trichosurus vulpecula)


    • Inhabit areas of woodland and open forests. In the wild, they usually make a home in the hollow limbs of trees
    • Also known to make their homes in roofs of houses and sheds in suburban areas
    • Diet consists of eucalyptus leaf and other leaf species, grass, herbs, flowers, fruits and insects
    • Threats include the loss of habitat, predation by dingoes, foxes, cats and dogs, and also competition between other possums and animals for food sources and home sites
  • Ringtailed Possum

    Ring-tailed Possum
    (Pseudocheirus peregrinus)


    • About the size of a large rabbit, are smaller than brush tail possums and are distinguished by their long, white tipped tails
    • Fur is light grey with reddish brow tinges, they have a white patch behind the eyes and ears and lighter coloured underbellies
    • Very active at night when they forage for food, groom, socialise and jump between branches
    • Prefer forests, woodlands, rainforests and shrub lands