Lawn Pests Control Sydney | Lawn Pests Removal Services

There are many insects that afflict the neatly trimmed lawns and gardens full of flowers or succulent vegetables that humans like to put around their houses. When this occurs you may need the services that our lawn pest control experts can supply. Genera Pest Management is well equipped to handle unwanted menaces in your garden, with our extensive knowledge and assortment of equipment for dealing with these intruders.

There is a huge variety of lawn pests that you may encounter near your home and in your garden. In most cases, these pests do not present any health risk, instead attacking important plants (such as garden vegetables) or making areas of your lawn and garden unsightly with their damage.

Aphids, white flies, and scale insects are small, soft-bodied creatures which suck the juices out of plant stems with slender beaks. Often, they are tended and guarded by ants, who feed on their nectar-like droppings, known as “honeydew”. These slow-moving insects have few natural defences other than being difficult to notice, but can do quite a bit of damage to ornamental plants and some of the more delicate garden plants as well.

Mole crickets are hefty crickets that live in burrows and are found mostly in lawns, golf courses, and fields with short grass. Although they are interesting beasts with the habit of digging special burrows with an acoustical shape that echoes their song more loudly to attract a mate from farther away, they are also able to cause disfiguring damage to your lawn.

Mole crickets feed by eating the tender sections of grass blades found just beneath the surface of the soil, thus separating the blade above ground from the root system beneath. This naturally kills the above-ground portion of the grass, which then turns brown. If you see areas of brown grass developing in your lawn despite watering and care, then it is likely that mole crickets are dining on the lower parts of the blades and you need some lawn pest control professionals to rectify the problem.

Other kinds of lawn pests

Snails, slugs and caterpillars can also make their home in your garden or lawn and cause quite a bit of damage, including holes in leaves and entire seedlings cut down and devoured. These pests are very common and often need special treatment to be properly managed.

Our lawn pest control experts can provide you with swift and effective services that will restore the health of your garden and outdoor spaces and prevent ugly areas of brown grass, chewed leaves, and other damage. If you are a Sydney or greater metropolitan area resident, you can entrust your lawn pest control needs to the professionals at Genera Pest Management and return your lawn and garden area to its former glory.