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    cats-01Are you experiencing issues with pests in your home, at your workplace or on your construction site? Are you looking for a company experienced in providing efficient and effective pest control, Primbee, services? Look no further, for that company is Genera Pest Management!

    Whether you need a Primbee pest inspection, or simply strategies for pest management, Primbee, our fully-qualified and enthusiastic staff are ready, willing and able to assist you! With no lock-in contracts for commercial services, eco-friendly processes and products and our signature 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, there really is no better choice for your pest control needs than Genera Pest Management!

    Domestic Services

    In the home, pest infestations are inconvenient at best and an outright danger at worst. Depending on the kind or kindsof pest involved, a housebound infestation can result in such issues for residents as contamination of food and water, structural damage to the home, destruction of personal items and even personal injury from stings, scratches and bites!

    bird-02Handling any burgeoning infestation is therefore important for the maintenance of a safe and healthy home environment, and as such we at Genera Pest Management provide Primbee residential pest control services designed to do just that! Whether you need bird control, Primbee, or termite management, Primbee, or even ant pest control, Primbee, our staff have the experience and the equipment to handle it! If you want the best in domestic pest control, Primbee, make sure to contact us at Genera Pest Management!

    Commercial and Industrial Services

    A workplace dealing with a pest infestation will not run as well as it should. Issues that can arise from an infestation include such problems as degradation of documents and wiring systems, damage to buildings and important equipment and general contamination of the work environment. Although these issues can prove detrimental to both employee satisfaction and productivity, some employers may hesitate to call in pest control services, fearing further disruption of their workplace routines. With Genera Pest Management, however, this is no issue, as we strive to work together with our clients to tailor our services to the particular circumstances of their workplaces, maximizing our efficiency whilst minimizing overall fuss. If you need industrial pest control, Primbee, or commercial pest control, Primbee, which will help you to get back on track, we at Genera Pest Management are here!

    Pre & Post Construction Services

     Red poultry mite (Dermanysuss gallinae) Facts *Compared to other poultry ectoparasites such as fowl ticks, lice and flies, mites are considered to be the most destructive ones  *Can severely affect a layer operation, birds become stressed and the impact on egg production and feed conversion is substantial  *Turns from grey to red or dark red in colour after being engorged with blood  *Able to survive long periods of time in the surroundings without being on the host bird and without even having a single meal of blood Are you planning on commencing a new construction project on an unfamiliar site? It is important to ensure that you will not experience any issues with termites. These voracious pests feed upon wooden and plastic products, and as such they can sabotage any burgeoning project by consuming both building materials and existing structures. To prevent this from happening, we at Genera Pest Management can provide you with a full termite pest inspection, Primbee, to ascertain your need for termite treatment, Primbee, strategies, such as the installation of chemical and physical barriers. If you want Primbee termite control that will protect your or your client’s investment, contact us at Genera Pest Management now!

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