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    Desert scorpion (Leiurus quinquestriatus) Facts *Also known as the death stalker or yellow scorpion *The venom of this scorpion produces a number of severe symptoms, these are fever, coma, convulsion, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and increased fluid secretion into the lungs and bronchioles, also in some cases can lead to death *Known for its aggressive behaviour and will use its sting frequently Are you having issues with the unwanted invasions of pests in your home, at your workplace or on your construction site? Want to ensure that the problem is taken care of in an efficient and effective manner. With a reputation as one of the top pest control companies in Sydney, Genera Pest Management is here and ready to help you!

    Our friendly staff are fully qualified to provide for any and all of your pest control, Edgecliff, needs! We evaluate our success by the satisfaction of our clients, and as such we provide a 100% customer satisfaction for all of our services, whether it be Edgecliff pest inspection or solutions for pest management, Edgecliff. To find out more about how we can help you, read below!

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    One’s home is one’s bastion, and as such the impertinent intrusions on household pests is extremely unwelcome. Infestations of invasive pests can have a variety of detrimental effects on the home, from damaging its structures to befouling its floors. For the home’s residents, there can be issues such as the contamination of food and the consumption of clothes, linens and carpets to contend with, and potentially personal injury from the stings and bites of more aggressive pests.

    Wood Moth (Endoxyla cinera) Facts *The caterpillars of wood moths feed on plant roots, but the adults do not feed during their short life span *Females lay about 20,000 tiny eggs before dying *The moths are grey in colour with a dark blotch on their thorax *When resting, their narrow wings fold along the side of their body, this camouflages them perfectly as they cling to the grey trunk of a gum tree during the day *Moths appear for only a brief time in mid- summer and are sometimes noticed at street lights on drizzly nights To remove such infestations before they become a danger, Genera Pest Management provides services tailored to domestic pest control, Edgecliff, no matter the pest that is the problem. Whether you need services for bird control, Edgecliff, or termite management Edgecliff, or even ant pest control, Edgecliff, our staff have all the equipment and expertise to assist! For the very best in Edgecliff residential pest control, go no further than Genera Pest Management!

    Commercial and Industrial Services

    Time is money, and as such any disruption to normal workplace routines can be costly. Pest infestations in the workplace are disruptive in a number of ways, from creating unsanitary and unsafe working conditions to potentially preventing access to certain areas. Even removing such infestations can cause disruption as pest control companies come in to remove the invaders. However, we at Genera Pest Management are committed to minimising disruption to your workplace routines whilst maximising our results! We do this by working directly with you, the client, to tailor our practices to the circumstances of your workplace, as well as focussing on the complete eradication of pests to prevent recurring issues. With practices that are safe and eco-friendly, there is no better company than Genera Pest Management to provide for all of your commercial pest control, Edgecliff, and industrial pest control, Edgecliff, needs!

    Pre & Post Construction Services

    tick-03If you are commencing a new construction project, it is important that your or your client’s investment is protected from the damaging effects of termites. To this end, Nationwide Pest control provides services such as termite pest inspection, Edgecliff, and termite treatment Edgecliff. Our staff are fully qualified to undertake in-depth inspections, as well as install physical and chemical barriers to keep these destructive pests from sabotaging your planned project. For effective solutions for Edgecliff termite control, contact us now!

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