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    Brown Dog Tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) Facts *Are not life threatening but can develop into an irritating skin condition when in large numbers *The tick embeds its mouthparts into the skin and feeds on blood and lymph, until its engorged *Blood loss can cause anaemia, and dogs can become listless *Ticks are excellent survivors, they lay large numbers of eggs and each stage can survive several months without feeding Pest infestations can be a significant inconvenience and a potential danger anywhere, whether in a household, at a workplace or on a construction site. Therefore, if you suspect that you may be experiencing problems with pests, you will need the most thorough and effective pest control companies in the business. If you are looking for only the best in pest control, Casula, look no further than Genera Pest Management! Our friendly staff are fully qualified to provide for all of your pest management, Casula, needs! Whether you need Casula pest inspection or pest management solutions, we provide our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee! Look below for more information about our stellar services!

    Domestic Services

    Pest infestations in the home can be an inconvenience at best and a danger at worst. Depending on the kind of pest infesting your home, you may have to contend with damage to the structures of your home or to your property, contamination of your food and possible injury to household residents through stings and bites.

    spider-02If you have noticed a pest infestation in your home, you will need the very best in domestic pest control, Casula, and for that we at Genera Pest Management can provide! We can meet all of your pest control needs, whether you need bird control, Casula, or ant pest control, Casula, or even Casula termite control. So, if you are looking for fast, safe and effective Casula residential pest control, there is no other place to go that is better than Genera Pest Management!

    Commercial and Industrial Services

    In the workplace, an infestation of pests can be as much of an inconvenience or danger as in the home. Pest infestations can create sub-optimal and possibly unsafe workplaces, and handling the problem will often lead to the disruption of your established workplace routines, reducing the effectiveness of your workforce. Here at Genera Pest Management, however, we pride ourselves on our ability to work directly with you, the client, to ensure that our pest control solutions are tailored for application in your particular workplace. With a view towards completely eliminating workplace pests, our solutions will maximise result whilst minimising fuss and ensuring that your pest problems are not recurring. If you are looking for commercial pest control, Casula, or industrial pest control, Casula, that meets any and all of your needs, make sure to contact us at Genera Pest Management!

    Pre & Post Construction Services


    If you are planning to begin a new construction project, whether it be the creation of a new building or the renovation of an old one, it is imperative that you ensure that you do not have any trouble with one of nature’s most damaging pests; the common termite. Termites feast upon wooden and plastic products; therefore, they may feast upon your building materials, sabotaging your project before it has begun! However, we at Genera Pest Management have the expertise to provide services for termite pest inspection, Casula, and termite treatment, Casula, that protect you or your client’s investment! If you are looking for top termite management, Casula, contact us now!

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