The Techniques of Termite Control Sydney


Termite control Sydney building owners need is always a complex and challenging process, thanks to the persistence and secretive nature of these insects. Although termites in their natural habitat perform an invaluable ecological service by breaking down dead wood into humus that other trees can use, their insatiable appetite for timber makes them a major pest when they are loosed on human structures, such as the houses of Australia.

There are some 20 species of termites in Australia which have become significant timber pests, many of which came in from abroad in imported timber or other foreign materials. There are a number of different signs that your house may have termite problems, including the following:

  • Flights of winged insects from the ground nearby or even the outer surfaces of your house. These may indicate the presence of termite nest, releasing new kings and queens to found other nests further from your property. This is generally known as “swarming” and can be a sign of a serious infestation.
  • Hollow-sounding wooden walls when tapped or struck.
  • Piles of fine, sawdust-like material at the base of wooden walls, which could be the droppings of termites, expelled from kickout holes.
  • Wood hollowed out with galleries, possibly with tiny, white insects present.
  • Slender tubes of earth or sawdust snaking up your foundation or along structural beams in your house, which are the “shelter tubes” the termites use to move across open spaces without exposing themselves to predators such as ants.
  • Scatterings of small, cellophane-like wings on windowsills or decks, from termite kings and queens who have landed and bitten off their wings preparatory to starting a new nest.

If you suspect termites are feeding on your home, do not attempt to kill them yourself. This will only confuse the evidence and make it harder for us to analyse the actual root of the problem. Our thorough inspection and the clearly-written, comprehensive, honest report which we give you after looking over your property is priced affordably at $250, and will let you know definitely whether or not termites are present in your building, as well as the steps we think necessary to eradicate them if they are indeed to be found in your structure.

Additionally, we also recognize that dealing with the potential problems of termite infestation before they have the chance to take hold in your home is one of the best options available. We will make timber pest inspections before you buy a house or other wooden structure, including a full written report, and will also provide such services when you are selling a house both to comply with legal requirements and to increase the value of your home with the proof of a clean bill of health.

Furthermore, we can provide treatment during construction of new houses to ensure full compliance with termite-proofing ordinances and the needs of new homeowners. In short, whatever the type of termite control Sydney residents, sellers, or builders may need, we can offer professional, thoroughgoing services that will meet or exceed your needs and specifications.

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