The Need for Sydney Termite Control


Termites are an ancient species, with their fossil record extending at least as far back as the last days of the dinosaurs, and according to recent research, are actually a variety of social cockroach. Living in huge nests, with a range of different forms to serve for breeding, working, and fighting (the king and queen, the workers, and the soldier caste), termites both nest inside wood and feed on it – facts which make termites the natural foes of human buildings, and which also makes Sydney termite control essential.

Termites are industrious beings, and also secretive ones who avoid light, so it is often difficult to tell that a building has become infested with them until a large amount of structural damage has been done. Although masonry and concrete foundations provide some protection against them – since termites, unlike ants, hate to emerge into the open – they can build mud tubes up over these obstacles, known as shelter tubes, to reach the tempting cornucopia of wood beyond.

The climate of the Sydney area is good for termites – a warm temperate climate with enough coastal moisture to keep these soft bodied insects supplied with plenty of rotting wood, their favorite dietary item.

Termites that get into your home won’t simply content themselves with harvesting the wood of your walls, floors, and ceilings, however. Plaster, plastics, rubber, and similar substances are chewed into pieces to make building materials for the insects, so there is a risk that termites will also compromise your electrical system by gnawing the plastic sheathing off the wires.

Given the damage that the legions of termites found in just a single nest can inflict, you should ensure that your home is free of these pests, and have them dealt with promptly in case they are present. We offer Sydney termite control to clients of all sizes, from homeowners to corporations, and in many different situations where termites might be found.

Our company, NationWide Pest Control, handles termite control along with many other pest extermination projects with professionalism, detail, and attention to the needs of your specific situation. Whether the infestation has just begun, or is in the advanced stages when the presence of termites in your home or building has become extremely evident, we can cope with the insects and free you to continue using the space without these unwanted, six legged guests.

The two broad varieties of termites that are most likely to be encountered in Australia are the drywood termites and the subterranean termites. One of the most destructive species is the West Indian Drywood Termite, a small insect about 5mm long with a white body and dark head. These termites are capable of attacking even hardwood construction successfully (where some other types are limited to softwoods). The soldier caste of many drywood species has an enlarged, armored head which can be used to plug a tunnel entrance when the colony is under attack.

Subterranean termites prefer moist wood and live in the ground, building shelter tubes up foundations to reach building wood in order to avoid dehydration in the open. Whatever the particular type of termite that is afflicting your building, however, we at NationWide Pest Control have the means to deal with it, and offer you the fast, professional, effective Sydney termite control you need.

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