The Many Types of Rodent Pest Control in Sydney


Insects are not the only kind of pest that can cause problems in homes, businesses, farms, and other locations across Australia and the world. Rodents are much larger than insects, and have correspondingly stronger appetites. Furthermore, they are mammals, close enough to us genetically for them to carry many dangerous diseases that can infect us as well. Quite apart from these problems, they also leave unsightly droppings and dirty stains wherever they go. Rodent pest control in Sydney is readily available with Genera Pest Management (

There are both native and rodents to be dealt with in Australia at the present time, and Genera Pest Management’s professional, friendly, energetic control personnel have the knowledge and equipment to deal with any of these squeaking pests.

Dealing successfully with an infestation of rats or mice can be somewhat trickier in some ways than coping with insects, due to the larger size and greater mobility of rodents compared to “bugs”. This fact underlines the need for professional aid in dealing with these gnawing mammals before they damage your home, befoul your food, or otherwise inconvenience you.

Due to high rates of murine reproduction, especially when food supplies are good, it is best to deal with rodent infestations quickly before the pests build up to plague proportions. When you see a rodent scurrying around the edges of your floor, find small droppings like black or dark brown miniature rice grains up to the size of kidney beans, or smell the distinctive “popcorn” odour of mouse urine in a closet or other confined space, you should call for assistance as soon as possible before the problem explodes into a true invasion.

Mouse and rat control are a branch of pest control in Sydney which involve the use of baits, chemicals, and other methods that are calculated to control these creatures in as short a time as possible. We are dedicated to giving you a comfortable, healthy environment to live in, free of the faeces and urine as well as the scampering and gnawing of rodents – turn to Genera Pest Management for all your rat and mouse control needs, and we guarantee you will be pleased with the results.

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