The Importance of Pre-Construction Pest Control in Sydney


The Importance of Pre-Construction Pest Control in Sydney, when building any structure, the construction process comes with many important decisions and stages.  From the building design and architectural features to landscaping and pest control treatments, you will find many ways of making your new home or commercial structure perfect.  One of the often-overlooked stages of construction involves treatments that will prevent termite outbreaks and problems with other pests.  Without these effective treatments, your structure could be vulnerable to damage from these voracious creatures.

How Do Pre-Construction Sydney Pest Control Treatments Work?

pest control in sydneyThere are many options in pre and post-construction pest control treatments.  Depending on the type of structure, the surrounding area, and your budget, you will find several pest control methods that will give you the protection you need from termites and other pests.  The most common treatment methods used before, during, or immediately following construction include:

  • Chemical Soil Barriers: A soil treatment is a type of pre-construction termite treatment, which involves applying termiticides into the area surrounding the foundation of the structure.  These treatments will prevent termites from entering the area, which will protect your foundation and the structure as a whole.
  • Under Slab Reticulation Systems: Using a termite barrier, the pest control professional will treat the area around the slab to prevent termites from penetrating the area and entering the structure.
  • Termite Blankets: These treatments can be used at any time in the construction process and combine the efficacy of physical and chemical barriers.  They offer long-lasting protection from termites and other pests.
  • Physical Barriers: Sydney pest control professionals may also use physical barriers, which are usually mesh or other material, to keep termites out of the area surrounding the structure.

Whether you prefer one of the chemical-free methods of termite control or you opt for another option, Genera Pest Management in Sydney is the leading provider of effective pre- and post-construction treatments. When looking for pest control in Sydney, contact Genera Pest Management.

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