The Benefits of Barriers in Sydney Pest Control


The reality is, termites prefer life in warmer climates, like that which is found in Sydney and the surrounding areas.  Australian homes are plagued with the problems of termite infestation, which can be difficult to contend with if proper prevention methods aren’t taken.  It is estimated that 20% of homes in the Sydney area have a problem with these destructive pests.  That’s why it is imperative that home owners understand how to prevent them from ever entering the perimeter of the home.  Starting in the earliest stages of construction, a professional Sydney pest control company can ensure that your home has the long-term protection necessary to avoid infestation of any kind.

Termite barriers can include physical or chemical means that will prevent penetration by these bothersome bugs.  Pre- and post-construction treatments will help you sleep easy without worry of damage to your that comes with the existence of these voracious insects.  Physical barriers are the most environmentally method of prevention.  They don’t involve the use of chemicals and will impose a physical means of keeping termites out of your home.  Sydney pest control companies will use physical barriers before construction begins, as the barriers are usually used under the foundation.  Physical barriers will last many years and effectively prevent problems with termites and other pests.

Sydney pest control companies use chemical barriers to repel termites from the area around your home.  Chemicals like termiticide are used to keep these pesky bugs away from the foundation of your home so infestation is never a problem.  The major benefit of these types of barriers is that they can be used before, during, or after construction, which is convenient for homeowners that were unable to use a barrier in the pre-construction phase.  They are not as environmentally friendly as physical barriers, which is why many people prefer using other methods of prevention.  Chemical barriers typically last many years, which makes them a great option for homeowners that don’t want to worry about pests in the future.

Termite blankets are another type of prevention used by Sydney pest control professionals.  They are often treated with chemicals, which means they combine the efficacy of chemical and physical barriers.  Usually plastic, termite blankets offer long-lasting prevention against these wood-eating bugs, which will keep your home safe for many years to come.  Under slab reticulation systems are used during the pre-construction process as a way of physically preventing termites from penetrating the foundation of the home.  This is another chemical-free method, which makes it another popular way to treat the home.

When entering construction on your new home, it’s important to understand the role of termite prevention in keeping your home safe.  Genera Pest Management and Prevention is the premier Sydney pest control company.  With experience in all barrier systems, the professionals at Nationwide can help you prevent infestation for years to come. Whether you prefer chemical or physical barriers, the experts at Nationwide are standing by to answer your questions as you move forward with construction on your new home.

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