Termites Treatments for Your Sydney Home


Australia is currently in the grip of a plague of termites, both subterranean and drywood types, and as a result there is no wooden house or building that is completely safe from these insatiable insects. Recognizing this, we offer competitive prices and thorough service packages for termites treatments in the Sydney area. Our company, NationWide Pest Control, is committed to combating termite infestations in the most effective, environmentally sound ways possible.

Termites can lurk anywhere on your property – some species, in fact, can go foraging for wood up to 100 meters away from their nest as a matter of course. Most are not so far-ranging, but it is still a good idea to check the entire area, as much as possible, for signs of termites and eliminate them at the source. There is even the possibility of having several nests near a single house, or one nest near the house and another devouring an outbuilding.

When our service professionals arrive your home, either to carry out an initial Timber Pest Inspection to see if termites are in residence or to actually wipe out an infestation, they will check everywhere on your property for the same overall fee. This includes the interior and exterior of your house, your garage and carport if you have one, all of the subfloors and roof spaces that are accessible without disassembling your house, your garden beds, and so on.

To protect your investment in our service – which we have designed to be as useful and affordable for you as possible – we also offer several guarantees on any work that we agree to complete. The first guarantee is that we will complete our work as described for the fee which we have agreed to. In other words, if the work that we agreed to complete cannot be finished in accordance with our original plan, then we’ll continue to work until we’ve achieved the promised results at no extra charge to you.

We also guarantee that the termites treatments we provide for you will free your house from these pests for 6 months after the actual treatment – as long as you follow the common sense instructions that we give to you on completion of the job, of course. With our guarantees, our proven expertise in the pest control field, and our passion for doing the job right every time, you can count on us to deal with your termite problem in a timely, effective manner.

Termites are a major problem in all areas of Australia that feature the moist, sandy soils they prefer, including the Sydney area. Their tireless appetite for wood, which serves them both as food and building material, means that they can cause significant damage to an average-sized house in a matter of months, even eating the interior fixtures like cabinets, carpeting, and books if left unchecked.

However, with the termites treatments service of NationWide Pest Control, you can win back your home from the insect invaders who want to make a meal out of it, and rest easier at night knowing that your dwelling is secured against them.

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