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Termites have always lived in Australia, and have served as an important part of the local ecosystem for many millions of years. These small, white, soft-bodied relatives of the cockroach prefer warm climates, and can be found in various habitats from dry, grassy savannah or even semi-desert to wet forests. All of these ecological niches are present in Australia, and in their proper setting, termites convert fallen wood into rich humus that promotes further plant growth.

The termites which necessitate pest control in Sydney are most often imported types that are not yet well-adapted to the continent and thus are running wild – and can only be controlled by strong measures, such as those Genera Pest Management provides. .

Shipments of timber products from abroad that contain viable king and queen termites are the main source of the insects which are sweeping across Australia, devouring millions of dollars worth of wood and other cellulose products. These tiny animals are easily transported in wood being carried in cargo containers or ship holds; after all, wood is their food, so if they are in a shipment of timber, they will not starve to death on their way to Australia.

There is no way to remove these insect invaders from the subcontinent now, but you can take pre-emptive control steps with the help of the experienced professionals at Genera Pest Management. Australian building codes now require a suite of termite control measures to be built into every new wooden structure, and we have the skill and technical knowledge, as well as the official certification, necessary to protect these structures with anti-termite matting, articulation systems, and so on.

Termites can also be controlled when they are attacking an existing building, even one constructed long before anti-termite cement, mortar, mats, and other measures had even been invented. Each case is different and requires an individual control approach. Our highly efficient, affordable service can furnish you with the solutions you need for termite pest control in the Sydney area.

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