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Termites are notoriously hard to get rid of – perhaps unsurprising in the case of insects whose closest living relatives are cockroaches. Indeed, new scientific evidence suggests that termites are literally wood-eating, social, nest-building cockroaches, with all the implications that entails. If you need termite control Sydney professionals can offer you, our company is ready to eliminate these insects regardless of whether they are destroying a home or a wooden commercial building.

Termites are a major, and growing, problem in Australia, infesting around a fifth of all wooden structures in the nation and causing millions of dollars of damage every year with their busy gnawing. With so many of them loose in the country, and their destructive potential, it is unsurprising that some people take matters into their own hands and try to wipe out these pests using canned insect sprays or other methods.

Unfortunately, although it is possible to kill a few of the worker termites in this way – and perhaps slow down the advance of the insects through your walls slightly – these methods do not really deal with the termite nest itself. The problem will soon recur.

Many types of termites actually nest in the ground, and only enter the wood of your house in order to feed. In effect, your house becomes their cottage garden, and just as you would not actually live in your vegetable garden, so these termites do not live in the wood they are “mining”.

The nest may be located many meters away, possibly on another person’s property, with tunnels running to your house and shelter tubes built up foundations to give the termites cover while they are entering your building. To effectively exterminate termites, you need to find and eliminate the main nest – something which our expert employees can handle for you in a thorough, professional manner.

When you have a termite control Sydney specialist come to deal with your termite problem, we will not just eliminate a few superficial intrusions by these insects but will track down the source and remove it entirely. The exact methods vary by the species of termite that you happen to be afflicted with, but regardless of the type, we are prepared to cope with it for you, and give you the guaranteed results that you need.

Use of insect spray may give you temporary relief from termite invasion, but in a matter of days, the vermin will be back at work again, probably in another area where you did not even think they would be. For this reason, hiring professionals – such as our company – is highly recommended as a way to cope with these persistent insects.

Not only do we carry out a thorough inspection, but our report and offer are expressed in plain, easy to understand English without any “bafflegab” or “double speak” to confuse you and make you agree to services you don’t really need. Our straightforward reporting will give you a clear idea of what the problems are and what we are planning to do to fix them, giving you the high quality termite control Sydney area homeowners and building owners need.

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