Termite Control for Sydney Commercial Properties


Termite problems are most visible when the strike the snug, cosy environs of a private home, causing disruption to the peaceful round of life that such a place should offer. However, public and commercial properties are just as vulnerable to the incursions of these persistent insects, which cause millions of dollars worth of damage every year in Australia. Termite control for Sydney commercial properties is essential if there are kind of wooden buildings, stored timber, or other wooden structures for these highly social cockroach relatives to dine on.

Termites are so persistent in their quest for wood because it is their principal – or only – source of food. Unlike ants, they have no taste for flesh, and so do not attack other insects. Colonies of symbiotic bacteria in their guts allow them to digest cellulose, rendering the otherwise inedible wood into a choice meal for these specialised insects.

Depending on the type of commercial property, it may be more difficult to find evidence of a termite infestation, which might in turn mean that damage will be more significant before the pests are discovered and controlled. A retail store is usually kept very clean, so signs of termite activity will be as blatant here as in a private home. However, a factory, warehouse, or timber yard is probably a fairly dirty environment, and the subtle signs of termite infestation will pass unnoticed for a long time.

Owners of commercial properties with wooden structures and/or piles of timber should have regularly scheduled termite inspections, given the urgent need for termite control in Sydney. Surveying a commercial property for termite spoor, so to speak, is a larger undertaking than examining the limited space of a private house. Several inspectors may be needed to check the property thoroughly and quickly, but Genera Pest Management understands the need for cost control and is dedicated to providing with both inspection and termite management at highly affordable prices.

Commercial property termite control for Sydney businesses is likely to be more complicated than control in a home, also. The larger size of most wooden commercial buildings means that there might be several nests of termites present, or that one nest has built galleries in several places. Fumigation and other control measures are also more complex with large buildings, and the need to work around people who are engaged in various kinds of labour can also affect the amount of time and effort needed to effectively control your termite problem.

Although treatment and management of termites is more expensive in a commercial setting, you should not let this deter you from having your insect difficulties dealt with by a qualified professional as soon as possible. The longer termites are allowed to build their galleries undisturbed, the more damage your structures will suffer, and the more expensive the eventual repair bill will be. There are also many safety issues involved with termite damage in commercial settings, including the risk to workers from weakened floors, walls, and ceilings, and the possibility of injury to customers in a retail space.

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