Sydney Termite Control—Preventative Measures During Construction


Whether you’re building a home from the ground up or entering a major renovation project, construction is the best time to consider Sydney termite control and prevention.  If you address the issue early, termites will never be able to wreak havoc on your home.  Proper prevention through treatment and inspection will allow your home to move through the construction process without worry of problems in the future.  Even construction on smaller structures, like garages, needs to have preventative measures to ensure termites don’t damage any part of your property.  A professional Sydney termite control company will be the only way to keep your investment safe from destruction.

During construction or even post-construction, you can opt for barriers to protect your home or structure over the long term.  A termite barrier is one method of Sydney termite control that will be used prior to construction.  Laid under the foundation of the home, the termite barrier uses termiticides to prevent the bugs from ever entering the area around your home.  These barriers are long-lasting and will give your home a layer of security from these nasty bugs so you won’t ever have to worry about infestation.

Chemical barriers can also be used in the construction process.  Unlike a physical barrier, chemical barriers can be applied either before or after construction, which makes them quite a bit more convenient than physical barriers.  In this method of Sydney termite control, the soil will be treated to prevent the bugs from entering the foundation.  This type of prevention is also long lasting, giving your home a layer of security for many years to come.  Often, barriers will be imposed in conjunction with the use of concrete slabs, both of which will keep termites out of your home.

Whether you prefer a physical or chemical barrier, the important thing to remember is that Sydney termite control is the only way to protect your home throughout the construction process and beyond.  When it’s time to move forward with your build or renovation project, you’ll want to find a company you can trust to help determine the proper method of prevention for your home.  The right company will be able to explain your options so you can make the right choice to protect your home, garage, or other structure as well as your family.

Genera Pest Management and Prevention has a team of experts in non-invasive prevention methods that will help you avoid the destruction termites can cause.  Once these organised creatures decide to call your walls, floor, or roof home, you will be helpless to the damage they can cause.  Throughout Australia, homeowners are finding out that termites cause more damage than fires or other disasters.  Protecting your home and your investment must include a termite prevention plan.  With 25% of structures in the country infested with these voracious bugs, homeowners must be realistic about the risks faced.  The construction process is the optimum time to enlist the expertise of a company like Nationwide to control the risk of termite infection in your home.

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