Sydney Termite Control during Construction


Australia offers a range of prime habitats for termites to live in, as witness the many native species which occur on the island continent. These species, although they are found in many spots throughout the country, are not the source of the problem Sydney area residents are facing today. It is the foreign, introduced species of termites, which lack the natural controls that the local varieties are limited by, that are causing so much havoc in the wooden buildings of Australia. Millions of dollars worth of damage is inflicted each year by these six legged pests, and Sydney termite control during construction is essential both from a legal and a common sense point of view.

Just as the best defence for a warrior is avoiding getting hit in the first place, so the best way to manage termite damage in a home or other wooden building is to termite-proof it during construction. Termite proofing is legally required by the Australian government during the erection of a house or other timber structure, which highlights the extent of the problem.

It is also good sense to protect your investment from these pervasive insects, regardless of whether you are hiring someone to build a house for you, or if you are a contractor building a structure purely for future resale. Termite control in Sydney begins even before the foundations are laid, and our firm, Genera Pest Management, can help you set up the pre-emptive measures that will keep termites from hollowing out walls, ceilings, and floors at some date in the future.

Termite control at the construction stage can consist of either physical barriers, chemical deterrents, or a combination of both. Physical barriers include termite-proof mortar for foundations, preventing the insects from penetrating through this line of defence, as well as termite blankets and the like. The more effective part of the fortifications, however, are the chemical elements. Termites are soft bodied insects which easily absorb chemicals, so various compounds are at the forefront of management efforts directed against them.

Chemical systems placed during construction include both long-lasting chemical barriers, which remain in the soil for several years, and reticulation systems which are often laid under the foundation slab itself. A reticulation system is a series of pipes which contain termite-killing chemicals. These chemicals slowly leach into the soil through holes in the pipes. There is enough chemical in the pipes to last for several years at least.

However, reticulation systems are superior to plain chemical barriers because the pipes can be refilled through a special valve that is built in for exactly this reason. Reticulation systems will protect a building for decades if they are properly installed and maintained, and proper installation and maintenance are specialities of Genera Pest Management. All of our protective work is fully documented in accordance with government regulations, so we can not only provide you with Sydney termite control during construction but can offer you full proof of compliance with the law as well.

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