Super Rats: The New Threat To Australian Homes and Businesses?


Known as survivors in the animal kingdom, rats exist worldwide in every climate. With more than 60 unique species, rats have grown into pests in many communities. Especially in urban communities, these critters have become virtually impervious to common pest control methods, including poison. Dubbed “super rats”, these poison-resistant rodents are growing by leaps and bounds, making them a real threat to many areas of Australia. When dealing with a super rat invasion, the question becomes: how do you protect your home and family from these resilient creatures?

When dealing with a rat with an immunity to poison, the key to getting rid of them is prevention. By taking steps to prevent invasion in the first place, you can avoid the problems that come with trying to rid your home of these rats. This becomes especially difficult as temperatures drop, as rats will look for warmer areas to call home during the winter months. By preventing them from making their way into your home, you could avoid the problem so many Australians are dealing with. By hiring pest control experts, you can get the help you need in preventing an infestation of these super rats.

The reality is, rats are able to survive the harshest of conditions, which makes it difficult to get rid of them once they make their way indoors. At Genera Pest Management, you’ll find safe and effective pest control methods, which can help with rats, mice, cockroaches, and many other pests. Whether dealing with a potential super rat invasion or you’d like assistance with termite control, Nationwide is the place to come for help. Don’t let the threat of super rats put your family at risk. Contact Genera Pest Management for a free quote and effective pest control methods.

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