Subtle Signs of Termite Infestation


Often, the most revealing signs of termite infestation are subtle and easily overlooked, and require an expert eye to detect them reliably. If you have even a suspicion that your house or commercial property has been infested by termites, then we at NationWide Pest Control offer professional termite inspection, as well as Sydney-area termite control services in case the worst has actually happened. We also recommend that those who are planning to buy a new wood-framed house hire us to check the structure for termite “spoor” before signing the purchase contract.

One of the signs we will check for is hollow-sounding portions of the walls, floors, and ceilings. You can also examine your house in this way, but our servicemen have a higher chance of detecting termites in this manner due to long experience.

Termites often tunnel out the wood grain, since this follows the wood in its softest direction – cross-grain tunnelling would be difficult even for the sturdy jaws of termites. This leaves a semi-hollow lattice of wood and empty galleries which often produces a distinctive sound when rapped.

Our search will also include a comprehensive examination for the shelter tubes that termites build up foundations, and along beams and joists. These tubes protect them from the light, heat, and dryness of the outside air as they go about their tasks, and also help to defend them from ants, one of their major natural predators.

The tubes are built out of mud, termite dung, and plant parts – as well as tiny pieces of rubber or plastic gnawed off fittings inside your walls. They are drably coloured and slender, so it is easy to overlook them unless you know exactly what you are looking for. Our inspection will note any shelter tubes – or their absence – and use this as part of our termite diagnosis.

Termite frass, or droppings, only becomes visible to most people when there is an extraordinary accumulation of it. Most of the time, it either falls outdoors and is lost in the ground litter, or falls indoors in such small quantities that it is swept or vacuumed up without being noticed.

We will search for the actual kickout holes – the tiny holes that termites make between their galleries in the wood, and the outside world, specifically for the purpose of getting rid of their faeces. Kickout holes are useful for determining if the termite colony is still active without tearing down your walls – removing the faeces from beneath them, and then checking a day or two later for fresh deposits, is a technique used for determining if termites are still active in your walls.

Swarming termites may also leave a scattering of discarded wings on windowsills, in cobwebs, or on your path, since the new kings and queens shed their wings shortly after their mating flight. If our inspection reveals that these tiny but industrious pests are indeed tunnelling out the wood of your building, we will also furnish the Sydney-area termite control services that will remove these damaging creatures from your property.

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