Reticulation Systems for Sydney Termite Control


Termites have many advantages in their onslaught on the timber-framed structures of Australia, which accounts for their success – and the millions of dollars of damage they inflict over the course of each year. The need for Sydney termite control is starkly illustrated by the statistic that over 20% of wooden structures in Australia are being attacked by termites at any given time – and the fact that Sydney provides a superb habitat for these wood-devouring insects.

Termites move about in a secretive manner, keeping to themselves and eating out your walls from within with few external signs of the infestation. They use shelter tubes to cross cement foundations and other open areas, making them far less noticeable than a scurrying trail of ants would be. Many are nocturnal, and they can invade from neighbouring areas quite readily, since they often live in the ground rather than the wood itself (depending on species, of course).

One of the best long-term solutions to baffling termites is a termite reticulation system, best installed when a house is first being built. A termite reticulation system is a series of slender pipes which contain termite-killing chemicals. Emitters along the pipes allow the chemical to slowly leach out into the soil, slaying any termites who dare to approach the structure.

The chemical attacks the central nervous system but does not kill immediately. Thus, the termites can track the chemical back to their nests and pollute the home environment with it as well, hopefully wiping out the whole colony.

The reticulation system allows slow dispensing of termiticide chemicals over a period of years. One “refill” of the reticulation pipes will protect your house or other wooden structure for a minimum of three years, and perhaps as long as five years. This is a major advantage for those who want to keep their structure termite-free over the long term – although, as noted, reticulation systems are usually installed during construction.

Our Sydney termite control professionals provide you with the highly effective reticulation systems that you need, armouring your home against these pests with an invisible ring of poison that will kill these soft-bodied insects with ease while leaving you, your children, and your pets unharmed. Although you can opt to control termites with periodic applications of loose chemicals, the reticulation system is the best guarantee of long term, stable protection, since the termiticides are delivered constantly at a precise rate.

The reticulation system is one of the best methods of keeping your wood sound and solid in the midst of the insect problems that are currently plaguing Australia.

The compliance certificates we provide after installing one of these systems are fully legal, since we are certified providers of termite control services, and are useful in getting your new construction legally approved as termite-proofed, both for insurance purposes and to ensure that you can sell the structure with no legal hassles whatsoever.

We can both install and refill reticulation systems, and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is every reason to entrust your home’s safety from wood-destroying termites to our professional pest control technicians today.

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