Rat Control Sydney: Main Risks Associated With Rat Infestations


Sydney residents often complain of problems with pests like cockroaches, termites, ants, bees, spiders, and rodents. Rat control Sydney has become an important part of maintaining safety in the hope, with growing incidents of disease in rat populations. Throughout Australia, residents could expect to see the Norway rat or the roof rat as well as some other rodents, such as the house mouse. Although rodents are often kept as pets and are considered to be rather intelligent animals, it’s important to keep unwanted rodents out of your home.

The Norway rat is found around the world as is also known as the brown rat, common rat, and sewer rat. Large cities in the United States, like New York and Chicago, are plagued with these massive rodents as they find their home in sewers, alleys, and other hideaways. The Norway rat can grow to an impressive 25 cm in length in the body, with a tail of similar length. They are also found throughout Europe, China, and all other continents.

The roof rat is another common problem for Australians. Rat control Sydney is an important way of keeping these smaller rats at bay and preventing the potential spread of disease. Also known as the black rat, they measure only around 15 cm in length, which is much smaller than its brown counterpart. Like the Norway rat, the roof rat is found in several countries besides Australia.

Finding help with rat control Sydney is the only way of avoiding problems with disease, foul smelling droppings, and destruction of property. If you need help with rats or other pests, contact Genera Pest Management at 02 9546 7022. Nationwide also offers professional and effective services for mice, termites, spiders, and other pests. Find more information on Rat Pest Control Sydney at Genera Pest Management.

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