Termite Treatment for Building and Renovating

When looking at building or renovating a structure, whether it be your home, a garage or a pergola, Termite Treatment in accordance with AS3660.2, prior to the pouring of the concrete or erection of the stumps, is essential.

Genera Pest Management and Management are qualified to install both physical and chemical barriers including Termidor, Premise, Biflex, Alterm, Homeguard, Termortar, Termitium and Altis Reticulation Systems.

** Once the building is complete a termiticide barrier must be installed around the perimeter prior to any paving or concreting being laid against the building**

Once this has been completed, we will then provide you with the necessary compliance certificates required.

In Australia, termites cause more damage to homes than fires, floods and storms combined. One in five homes are affected by termite damage and the damage is not covered by household insurance, so the cost of any repair is the burden of the building owner. As a builder, protecting your client’s investment is essential. Every stage requires decisions that will have direct results on the building’s value and life span.

The starting point for this decision is the choice of either a chemical barrier or physical barrier. Every system offers advantages (and disadvantages) and, based on your individual requirements and building styles, some may suit you better than others. We have the technology and expertise to ensure the job is done correctly the first time to the required standards.

Systems – specialising in

  • Chemical soil barriers.
  • Under slab reticulation systems.
  • Termite blankets.
  • Physical Barriers.

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