Pre-emptive Sydney Termite Control for New Commercial Buildings


Termites are one of the premier insect pests of Australia at the moment, spreading steadily through the coastal areas which are most pleasant both for humans and for these six legged devourers of wood. Somewhere between a fifth and a quarter of all wooden structures in Australia are currently being attacked by termites, and the law itself now demands that all new buildings be constructed to repel these pests as best as possible. You can engage our professional, high quality services to carry out pre-emptive Sydney termite control for new commercial buildings as well as private houses.

Termite management can begin – and probably should begin – before the foundation of a new wooden building is even laid. The soil itself can be treated with long-lasting chemicals. Some of these chemicals serve as deterrents to the insects, while others are carried back on their bodies to the main nest, where other termites can also be exposed to them. This produces a larger kill and ensures more effective management of the infestation.

Reticulation systems are an excellent option for new commercial buildings under construction as well, since they provide not just years, but decades of effective control. These systems consist of a network of pipes buried in the ground, with dispensing openings in them at intervals. Anti-termite chemicals in the pipes slowly leak out through these openings, providing a chemical barrier that is delivered at a steady, predetermined rate for years.

Better yet, reticulation systems are not “single use” management features, but can be renewed by a professional termite management service, such as our company, Genera Pest Management. Additional chemical can be placed into the pipes at intervals of several years to keep the barrier fresh and the termites at bay regardless of how many may be living in the area. A reticulation system, properly installed and managed, is one of the best protections available for your commercial wooden buildings.

Termite proof mortar for foundations is another useful addition to any new construction, and we can also provide this, as well as the full documentation needed to demonstrate compliance with government termite regulations. The mortar prevents the termites from finding their way in through the slab, and at least keeps them out in the open where they can be spotted and managed effectively.

Wooden commercial properties are especially vulnerable to termites because of their large size (which makes non professional inspection difficult or impossible) and because the dirty conditions there often conceal the signs of these insects until the problem is immense. However, with proper pre-emptive termite control in Sydney construction efforts, you can forestall the risk and keep your buildings free of these pests for years to come. These, and all other forms of termite management, are our area of speciality, and we are prepared to help you any time you need to cope with these pests or any other type of animal incursion into your premises.

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