Pests and Property Values


Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make, so keeping it in top form is absolutely essential.   One of the biggest threats to the integrity of your home’s property value will be the damage done by termites and other pests.  The damage done by termites can lower the value of your home by thousands of dollars, so when you suspect that termites have found their way into your house it is time to contact a company that supplies pest control in Sydney.  Your home will be more likely to become infested if it is situated near a brushy area, particularly near gum trees.

It is impossible for the average home owner to eradicate termites from his home once they have been detected, it will be necessary to rely on Genera Pest Management in Sydney to manage this problem.  You will need specialists who understand not only what methods to use to free your home from these pests, but also understand how the important the value of your home is.

Home maintenance is always necessary to keep the property value of the house at the highest possible level.  Even if you are scrupulous about repairs and upkeep, a colony of termites infesting the beams and woodwork in your home can act like an army of wreckers.   The last time you want to find out that termites have eaten away tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of your home is just when you are ready to put it on the market.  Not only will there be a monetary drain to get rid of the pests and repair the damage, but any moves you have planned will be delayed.  Sydney pest control is the best way to keep your property in top shape.

Rather than wait for an unpleasant surprise, contacting the professionals at Genera Pest Management can help to nip the problem in the bud.  Discovering a termite nest while it is still small will make removal that much easier and keep the repair bills lighter.

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