Pest Control—Sydney Construction Protection for Termites


The best way to contend with a pest issue is to prevent it before it ever happens. In most cases, Sydney pest control is quite a challenge once a termite infestation has occurred. These voracious creatures can devour wood, leaving behind only dust. Because of the speed at which they work it can be difficult to deal with these pests before they do serious damage to a structure. For most homeowners, making use of termite control treatments before or during construction is the most effective way to prevent infestation before it occurs.

Pre-construction treatments for these pests are considered the most effective way of dealing with the issue. Sydney pest control companies will work with the construction company to put in place a termite guard that will protect the slabs under the home from being infested with termites. This safe and effective treatment method will eliminate the possibility of termite infestation for many years. For most Sydney pest control treatments like this, you can expect effective protection for as long as 25 years.

Another option for Sydney pest control during construction is a reticulation system. This is a network of pipes that will be buried around the structure in order to prevent termites from entering the perimeter. Although not as environmentally safe as a barrier, it is still an effective termite control method for homes and businesses. You may also opt for post-construction treatments like barriers, which can be installed after a termite inspection is performed. If you are concerned with pest control in your home or business, you can address the issue with the help of the expert Sydney pest control providers at Genera Pest Management. With effective and safe methods of controlling termites and many other pests, you can address the issue before a problem occurs.

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