Pest Control in Sydney for Rodent Infestations


The environments that humans and rodents favour happen to be largely the same, and wherever people are found in Australia, there is sure to be a rodent nearby, too. Human abodes represent a concentration of food as well, with their larders, garbage pails, and the like laid out temptingly for rats and mice to feast upon. Farms often swarm with rodents, and they are also found in groceries, warehouses, restaurants, and anywhere else edibles are found. Pest control in Sydney from Genera Pest Management ( can deal with all types of rodents, both foreign and domestic.

The house mouse is a global pest which is found in every corner of Australia. Although these murines are small and look rather cute with their large eyes and even larger ears, they are just as likely to spoil food, damage your house and possessions with gnawing, and contaminate your environment with dangerous leptospirosis spores as is the largest and grubbiest rat. Mice can occur in startling numbers where food is abundant, requiring strong pest control measures to cope with them.

Rats are usually less numerous but are larger and more destructive. They are also very canny, and this makes it difficult to catch them in traps or poison them. The roof rat, also known as the black rat, and the Norway rat are two imported species which came in ship’s bilges many years ago and infested the country thanks to their swift reproductive cycle and adaptable, flexible nature.

The native rats of Australia can also cause problems when they colonize human dwellings, however. Water rats, an aquatic species of murine, are extremely difficult to control without professional help because of their swimming habits and unusual diet. They infest aquaculture farms, restaurants and homes along the shore, and other places where food is available and water is nearby. The bush rat infests on the landward side, and is also a carrier of leptospirosis.

Pest control in Sydney for all species of rodents is available year round from Genera Pest Management. We can deal effectively with your rodent problem whether one mouse or ten thousand rats are involved, and whether the control is needed in a small private home or a sprawling commercial food processing plant.

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