Nibble, Nibble, Little Mouse


It is quite true that termites are responsible for most of the damage done to homes in the Sydney area, with some of the suburbs being more prone to infestation because they are closer to brushy areas.  However, nowhere is safe from the destruction that can be caused by mice and rats.  Wherever you find people, you will find these rodents – they love to live in our homes, which provide them with a snug berth, protection from enemies, and a good food supply.  In order to protect your home, rely on pest control in Sydney to remove these freeloaders as soon as you detect them.

There are several ways that we become aware of the presence of mice, and one is to find their droppings on furniture or the kitchen counters.  You should be aware that they also leave deposits of urine, which are almost impossible to detect, and these are just as potentially dangerous as the droppings.  Mice can spread salmonella and other diseases when they make their deposits, and these will cause contamination of foodstuffs.  No matter if you live in the inner city of Sydney or in any of the suburbs, you can have these pests in your home or apartment.  These rodents also make a rank, ‘popcorny’ odor where they live and if you smell this, often in a closet or basement, call Genera Pest Management to remove them before the problem worsens.  These animals breed rapidly and a sizeable population can result in a short period of time.

Besides contaminating food and spreading disease, rats and mice can cause physical damage to your home.  They will gnaw at the walls and floors to gain exit points and they will chew up insulation to make their nests (which often come to contain ticks).  The greatest danger they pose from their chewing, however, results from when they bite into electric lines.  They can cause short circuits and equipment failure, and if a live wire happens to touch a inflammable material, a house fire can result.  Sydney pest control is your best means to prevent this problem and keep your home and family safe.

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