Mastering Termites with Pest Control in Sydney


Termites are one of Australia’s foremost pests today, and are capable of reducing a formerly solid timber beam that was strong, resilient, and reliable into a hollowed out series of galleries with paper thin shells of wood between them, which a vigorous push could potentially collapse.

Working secretively, devouring the wood thanks to an array of highly effective cellulose-digesting bacteria in their guts, these tiny, soft-bodied relatives of cockroaches can excavate thousands of dollars worth of wood from your home or wooden commercial building, possibly rendering it unsound or unsafe. Effective pest control in Sydney for these social insects is provided by our firm, National Pest Control.

Today, professionals such as the termite control experts who are standing by at our company to come to your aid make use of a range of technological devices to help ferret out well-hidden nests of termites. A termite colony in your walls, floors, or ceiling produces both heat and moisture in excess of the surrounding environment. Though invisible to ordinary human senses, these telltales highlight the position of a concentration of termites when sensors that can detect them are used.

Using heat and moisture sensors to find termites in your home allows us to offer much more comprehensive measures of pest control for Sydney homes and offices than would have been the case in the past. Visual inspection often provides the first clues of a termite problem, but using these sophisticated detectors can help make the control measures adopted that much more effective.

This is particularly necessary because of the coming of West Indian drywood termites to the Australian subcontinent. These insects make their entire nest inside your building’s timbers, so there are no shelter tubes along foundations or other external signs of their presence. Often, three or four separate nests will infest different parts of the same building.

When we come to deal with one infestation, we can also examine the structure with our heat and moisture sensors to locate and control any other secretive nests which would once have gone unnoticed. With the cutting edge technologies employed by Genera Pest Management, you can rest assured that all lurking termite hives have been located and dealt with effectively.

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