Major Signs of a Termite Infestation


Termites are rather stealthy creatures, not so much due to the need for avoiding predators (although that is part of the reason) as that their soft, white bodies are vulnerable to dehydration when they are exposed to light or open air.

Occasionally, you can determine for yourself whether or not your house suffers from a termite infestation, but the signs are often subtle and easy to overlook until the infestation has caused profound damage to the structure’s wood. Termite detection is part of our suite of Sydney termite control services, and we are ready to examine your home or building for signs of these destructive insects as well as dealing with them effectively if they are indeed present.

One of the clearest signs that you have a major termite infestation is the visible swarming of termites somewhere in or near your building. Swarming is part of the termite reproductive cycle – the new kings and queens of future termite nests, who have wings at this point, unlike the other castes of termites, are released when weather conditions are favorable to find places to start new colonies.

Subterranean termites have large, daytime swarms – if you see a large number of small flying insects drifting away from your building on a warm afternoon breeze, then check to see if they are being released from a termite nest. White-bodied workers and soldiers will be present, guarding the swarmers and also forcing them to leave rather than re-entering the safety of the nest. Drywood termites swarm at night in more modest numbers, limiting your chances to spot them.

Many people also discover that their home or other structure is infested with termites during repair, renovation, or expansion work. When the usual cladding of buildings is removed – either external siding or internal plastering or paneling, the structural wood is revealed.

Termites excavate wood along the grain, so if the revealed wood is full of galleries and chambers, there is a high probability that these insects are present, or were in the past. If thousands of tiny white insects spill out when siding or paneling is removed, then you definitely have a termite problem and could benefit from our Sydney termite control.

Inexplicable sawdust accumulations where you haven’t been doing any sawing are another major hint of termites. This sawdust is actually the dung of the termites, known technically as frass. Termites use a lot of their frass in construction, but they also push out the excess through tiny holes known as kickholes.

If you see these frass accumulations, you should contact us to come examine your structure for additional signs of termite damage. Leaving the problem unaddressed will only allow the termites to continue the process of literally eating your building for a longer period of time. Our proven, up to date methods will clean the pests from your home or other structure with a maximum of speed and a minimum of disruption to your normal, day to day activities. You can rely on NationWide Pest Control for prompt, professional Sydney termite control that will solve all your problems with these insects.

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