Is Your Home A Buffet For Termites?


Termites have no respect for your home whether you live in Dover Heights or the Hills District.  The only thing a termite is interested in, besides making more termites, is eating, and the basic diet of a termite is wood.  Termites, or white ants, can invade your home without your knowing it and make Swiss cheese out of your home’s structural elements.  Often, a homeowner will be completely unaware that they need pest control in Sydney until the damage is so extensive that it cannot go unnoticed.

It is only when a termite infestation has become serious that you might become aware of them – sometimes you can hear them clacking their jaws when you tap on the wall or a door frame, or perhaps you have stepped into the dining room to find yourself suddenly in the basement.  Before there is injury either to your home or anyone living in it, call Genera Pest Management to make an inspection.  The professionals at this Sydney pest control service will be able to detect termites even when they have just begun to munch upon your home.  They can also handle serious, long-term infestations, too.

The value of your home is dependent in large part on its condition.  It only makes sense to let pest control in Sydney take care of any termite problems that exist.  Genera Pest Management is available in all suburbs, and not only existing homes can benefit from these extermination services; if you are building a new home, let Nationwide prepare the ground to protect your house right from the start.  Once you have HomeGuard installed around the construction site, you will be protected for 25 years from the damaging inroads of termites.  Regardless of whether you have a home already, and need the services of an exterminator, or are building, let Nationwide keep your home free from termite infestation.

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