How Termite Control in Sydney is Crucial


Everyone knows exactly how destructive termites can be and a number of homes across Sydney are affected by termites in their lifetime. These highly destructive creatures tend to cause a lot of damage to wooden structures but even concrete and steel structures are not spared by them. They bore through all possible cracks and crevices in concrete walls, emerge onto the surface of the plaster and attack wooden features in your home or commercial premises.  What’s probably even worse is that these creatures are not localized.

How Termites Spread

They build nests and breed in the ground and then form tunnels and create peripheral nests in different areas on your property. At times, their reach is so wide that the actual nest may be on the neighbouring property. This is exactly why Termite Control in Sydney becomes a very specialised job and only an expert company like Genera Pest Management can handle it to perfection. One more factor is that termites are also very hard to detect- they are very tiny creatures that live inside dark and dingy spaces in crevices.

Extensive Damage

Most property owners don’t even know they have termites on their property till the time they notice that wooden elements have been damaged. This also means, by the time customers call us to handle Termite Control in Sydney for them, the infestation has become very severe.  Though we are able to handle the most complex jobs with skill, it’s also important that property owners be aware of the signs of termite infestations.

Sings of an Infestation

The sooner you call us in for Termite Control in Sydney, the easier it is for us to eliminate them.  The signs you should be looking out for are:

  • Wooden features that sound  hollow
  • Papery –looking wood
  • Wall skirting gets damaged easily
  • Termite Mud on walls
  •  Jammed doors and windows
  • Tight fitting windows

The Process We Follow

Once you call us with your request, we follow a very methodical approach to Termite Control in Sydney:

  • An inspection team will come out to your premises
  • Technologically advanced  detection technology is used to identify where the infestation is
  • We provide a detailed quote  for the work
  • Once you have approved, we will carry out the work to perfection
  • Regular checks will be performed  to see if the infestation has been eliminated
  • If follow up treatments are required, those will be provided

Excellent Services

Many customers who are building new homes or commercial buildings, opt for our and custom pre-construction termite control treatments. This helps in preventing termites from entering your property and can save it from a lot damage. This pre-construction treatment for Termite Control in Sydney is carried out in phases and we set up effective barriers to keep the termites away. We will provide you with custom solutions that fit into your budget. For more information call us on 02 9546 7022 or reach us via this form. Contact Genera Pest Management today.

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