Home Termite Control in the Sydney Area


The buildings most frequently infested by termites are ordinary homes, for several reasons. The average house is the most numerous type of building, and also the kind mostly likely to use large amounts of wood in its construction. Large public buildings are generally brick or stone, while many commercial properties are built out of concrete for cheapness and sturdiness. We offer comprehensive, well rounded home termite control in the Sydney area.

There are many reasons why you might want to have your house inspected for termites. The most obvious is if you have actually seen and identified these tiny animals, as for example if you witness one of their mating flight swarms launching from the base of one of your walls, or if there is strong evidence of their presence (hollowed out pieces of wood, sawdust-like frass, and so forth).

You might also want a termite inspection, and possibly home termite control services, if you are planning to sell your house. It is best to deal with the problem first, rather than have potential buyers discover a termite problem you did not suspect and cancel their purchase because of it. You can present your home’s “clean bill of health” from the inspector as one of the selling points during the negotiation or closing.

From the reverse perspective, you should get a termite inspection of a home you are about to purchase, if the seller has not recently had it inspected – or ask that the seller pay for such an inspection. A house is a major investment and you do not want to “inherit” a colony of busy, wood-devouring termites along the two bedrooms and three baths that you are purchasing.

Finally, if houses next to yours suffer from a termite infestation, this is a strong indication that these insects may also be active in your home’s walls. Termites travel considerable distances, and if they are successful, then they release swarms of new kings and queens to start new colonies nearby. Termites can literally smell wood, and the scent of your home’s timbers will attract swarmers released from termite nests at neighbouring houses.

We offer modern, convenient home termite control in the Sydney area, and this includes our thorough, reliable Timber Pest Inspection service. Our company, NationWide Pest Control, is a fully accredited and licensed pest control service, and the inspections we carry out meet the requirements of the Australian Standards.

Our inspection is thorough but totally non-invasive, so your home will not be damaged at all by being inspected. We are completely insured and offer very reasonable prices, which is another important factor in a house inspection. We don’t try to make our results sound more impressive by using strange jargon, but explain to you, clearly and thoroughly, exactly what we have found out about your house and whether or not it contains any termites or other wood pests.

If you do indeed have termites, then our home termite control in the Sydney area is one of the premier services for eliminating these insects thoroughly, but in an environmentally sound manner.

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