Health Hazards From Pests


Household pests can present health problems on several levels; some invaders of your home will cause harm by their bite or sting, while others will cause disease through contamination from their dropping or urine.  If you live in an area where there is a good deal of brush and greenery, such as the Northern Suburbs, you may well need pest control in Sydney to make sure that your home is safe from these dangers.

While termites can impact the ‘health’ of your home, ticks can affect the health of your family and your pets.  These creatures are easy to pick up after a walk in the woods, or even through your own yard, and can cause some potentially serious health problems.  Australian tick typhus is a possibility, as is Ehrlichiosis.  Tick bites can spread the bacteria that cause these diseases, so calling in Genera Pest Management as soon as you suspect ticks are a problem can help to keep everyone healthier.

Rodents could be considered a ‘two-fer’, as they can spread disease not only by contaminating your home with their droppings and urine, but as acting as a vector for the ticks that spread the above diseases.  Setting traps for mice or rats is only a very temporary solution that will leave the main population living in the walls untouched.  You will need professional Sydney pest control to handle a rodent problem.

Stinging insects can also make life uncomfortable whether you live in Waverly, the North Shore, or Rosebery and using pest control in Sydney to clear these out will make life much more pleasant.  Wasps will often construct their paper nests right under the eaves of your home and can make it dangerous to use areas of your yard.  Yellow jacket wasps will make their homes underground, making it possible for anyone in your family to receive a very nasty and possibly dangerous surprise as thousands of wasps can inhabit these nests.  Call Nationwide as soon as you detect these insects and let their professional team deal with the problem.

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