Flea Control Sydney: Effective Flea Removal Services


Fleas are external parasites, which feed on the blood of mammals. Known for their rapid reproduction and voracious appetite, flea infestations are difficult to content with. These tiny insects come in many species, which attach cats, dogs, ferrets, rats, humans, and other mammals. Because they are found around the world in various climates, they can strike at any time, leaving hosts riddled with bites. The direct effects of bites include itching, allergic reactions, rashes, and other problems. Many animals end up with serious health conditions as a result of an uncontrolled infestation. Before you put your family or pets at risk, you’ll want to hire experts in effective flea control Sydney.

In Australia alone, there are several dozen species of flea, the most common of which are:

  • Cat Fleas
  • Dog Fleas
  • Rat Fleas
  • Stickfast Fleas

Because they have the ability to leap long distances, the flea is able to easily find a host at any time, making them a threat to any mammal nearby. Once they’ve found a place with plenty of hosts and blood to feed on, fleas are known to reproduce at rapid rates, making them very difficult to eradicate.

Not only are fleas known for being annoying, but they also are a dangerous presence in the home. Although not all fleabites expose the host to disease, the risk is always present. In order to avoid issues like this altogether, it’s important to find effective treatment options. Dogs and cats often pick up roundworm infestations, which can be deadly without proper treatments. With risks to humans and animals alike, effective flea control Sydney is an essential service when facing an infestation. Contact Nationwide at 02 9546 7022 for assistance with fleas, termites, rodents, and other pests.

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