Effective Termite Control in Sydney


Termites, those wood-eating relatives of cockroaches, are found throughout the warmer areas of the world, building large colonies from which they emerge to look for dead wood to devour. They are fairly non-aggressive insects, despite the soldier caste that has evolved to protect them against their major predator, ants. They will not bother you personally, in short, like a stinging nest of fire ants will. But they will hollow out the walls of your house over the course of several months or years, and to cope with this, our firm, Genera Pest Management, offers effective termite control in Sydney.

Termite control begins with identifying the problem in the first place. Termites, as noted above, are not confrontational creatures. A nest of hornets under your front step will quickly make their presence known in the most obnoxious way possible. Termites, on the other hand, keep out of sight and do their work in silence, often at night or in the safety of camouflaged shelter tubes built out of sawdust, dung, and small bits of debris.

We can help you to determine whether or not you have a current termite problem even before we begin to apply control measures. Our professionals will take a close look at your home to see if there are any signs that these insects are busy gnawing at its timbers. Even finding galleries in your walls doesn’t necessarily indicate a current termite infestation. The nest might have died out years ago, while the timber of your walls preserves the evidence of their presence long after they are gone.

Termite control in Sydney can be carried out in several different ways. Once we have diagnosed your problem, we can make plain English, clear, easy to understand recommendations so that you can pick the control program that meets your needs and budget. You are unlikely to be able to deal with the problem yourself, since the termite nest is probably well hidden some distance from your house, so leaving the actual suppression of these small, white beasts in our capable hands is your best course.

Termites come in many different varieties, and different approaches may be needed to manage their incursions into your home. For example, dampwood termites typically live in the ground, and only attack those timbers that contain enough moisture to make them digestible. These termites are often found around foundation areas, in basements, and in the wood near your bathroom or kitchen sink. They may also infest porches which have dirt directly beneath them, which renders them damper than they would be if they rested on concrete, brick, and so on.

Drywood termites, such as the notorious West Indian drywood termite, are another story entirely. These termites have no problem dining on hard, dry wood, and usually live inside the timbers they are feasting on rather than in the ground nearby. They can therefore occur anywhere in your house, and with their small colony size, they are hard to detect as they inflict damage on your property. Termite control for Sydney area residents is available every week of the year from Genera Pest Management, regardless of the variety of termite that you need to have managed by us.

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